Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Behind the Lines

I know we've got a lot of vet readers at ER, and I thought you guys might be interested in hearing about the latest military project we've become invested in!

Behind the Lines: The Journal of U.S. Military Special Operations

In 1992, two brothers who had served in Vietnam, Mike & Gary Linderer, had a vision to produce a publication solely for the Special Operations community and those who served in support of it. Mike had served in military intelligence during Vietnam and Gary was a LRRP Ranger in the 101st Airborne Division. Gary is the successful published author of numerous Vietnam War books such as the Phantom Warrior series, Eyes Behind the Lines, Eyes of the Eagle, and Six Silent Men - all books recounting the missions of the LRRPs in Vietnam.

The Linderers' vision for Behind the Lines was a published journal of declassified covert operations and special missions written or recounted by the men who were there. They started as a newsprint-style publication and along the way, they established a strong staff of writers, their subscriber base swelled with very loyal readers, Gary took over as sole publisher, and the format evolved into an 80-page magazine with color.

Unfortunately, at the peak of its success in 1998, with big plans in the works for a digital edition magazine and website, BTL went dark. And to this day, there has been no other publication that filled the void - none that catered to the written and oral accounts of the Special Ops community and the unique impact they've had on modern warfare.

Until now.

This year, Gary's vision for an online digital edition of Behind the Lines magazine has been realized. The all-new BTL is spiffed up for the digital age but with many of the original authors and some new ones, and all new content. The first new issue was launched on 9/11-a date that is an ever-present reminder that there is still a mission to accomplish, and a war to be won. Thus, the focus of Behind the Lines remains the same, a tool whereby the warriors of the past can pass along their wisdom, insight, humor, and lessons learned to their peers as well as the younger generation of warriors.

If you would like to subscribe for the low '98 rates, please click here. Better yet, if you would like to contribute, either a Letter to the Editor or your own SpecOps story, please contact BTL at publish@btlmagazine.net. New content is always welcome!

For more info: info@btlmagazine.net.