Wednesday, June 01, 2005

SO much fun: Making a pitiful, wanna-be man cry...

Remember my nomination for the Drooling Moron of the Year? Well, largely due to a scathing reprimand from spitfire Kit, Michael Crook betook himself to the corner to sulk and lick his wounds, away from our scornful eyes.

While writing the expose of Crook, his sites, the public response, and ultimately the pitiful reasons for it all, I simply couldn't stand to linger in the cess pit of his rantings. But Kit braved the filth long enough to inform him of our public expose on the pathetic, sniveling motivation for his hate campaign.

There hasn't been any other article on the web that followed the story from the very beginning when Crook first oozed onto the national scene, through the public response (both support and outrage), his murder hoax, the Hannity and Colmes TV appearance, his background and motivation, and his future plans. There was plenty of blogging going on about Crook, but not onesingle article out there that tied it all together - except mine. [Frankly, I did a pretty damn fine job.]

Looks like it freaked him out. Now the silly little man is cowering in his corner, slapping anyone who wanders by, and wearing out his favorite swear word. No doubt his spanking from Kit hurt like hell, and he got a good long look at himself in the mirror of public scorn.

I can almost see the rivulets of greasy mascara pouring down his sunken face. Oh, the sheer delight of making a dick-less, anti-military weenie cry!! Mwah -hahahahaha!