Wednesday, June 15, 2005


To my 4 regular readers, and any accidental visitors...


I will no longer be regularly posting new articles to this blog.
I have made the exciting decision to move over to Euphoric Reality as a full-time writer and help add a full-scale Illegal Immigration Hub. While we're working to build the new Hub (articles, eyewitness reports, pictures, video, and Minuteman updates) for eR, we're changing format and adding new features.

I know you're used to my unique *ahem* tone here at "HE!D! says...", and none of that will change. I'll still write about the things that matter most to me - our military, the War on Terrorism, and the compounding illegal immigration problem. I intend to have an impact on these issues, and consolidating my efforts at my new blog home will help further that goal.

Please change your bookmarks to point to

See you over there!