Thursday, June 02, 2005

Governor of Texas to allow Minuteman vigil at border

Well, I'll be...

I wasn't expecting this at all. Though Governor Perry managed to couch his "allowance" of the Minutemen along the Texas border in terms that fall far short of approval or acceptance, I still have to hand it to the guy - he's doing the right thing.

"I fully understand and can appreciate the frustration that many Texans and others across the nation have with illegal immigration, its potential impact on our national security and the unacceptable burden it is placing on taxpayers, and state and local criminal-justice, education and health care systems," Mr. Perry said in a statement.
"The federal government can and must do more to close the border to illegal immigration," the two-term Republican said. "Until that happens, these kinds of citizen-initiated efforts likely will be the result. If you want to send the Minutemen home, I urge you to make sure we have enough federal agents on the border to secure it."
Mr. Perry, who said 1.4 million illegal aliens live in Texas, warned that the "continued flow of a significant number of undocumented immigrants into the United States is not acceptable, especially in the post-September 11 era."

Admittedly, the Governor is saying things that NEED to be said. And his words are clear, to the point, and dead right.

On a tangent... Who can call Governor Perry a racist, a bigot, or a "vigilante" for what he said? No one, I wager. So how come the Minutemen and people like me are called those names and worse becasue we demand the SAME EXACT THING Governor Perry does: better border security and law enforcement?!!!!

The name-calling doesn't bother me so much anymore, because I know that it's a cheap shot, an ad hominem argument for those with less sense than vitriol. The typical brainless tactic of "ttack the writer/speaker when you can't attack the message". So the names don't register anymore. The liberals and the OBLs have so over-used their slurs that the meaning is lost in their shrill rhetoric.'s the link to the original article:

Governor of Texas to allow Minuteman vigil at border - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 02, 2005

Hat tip: ALIPAC