Monday, May 23, 2005

Western civilization capitulates to jihad

Understanding history is a sure-fire way of not repeating the mistakes of the past. Yet, in our age of revisionism and misinformation, we're denying our heritage in favor of an effete, politically correct embrace of our enemies and inevitably, our own destruction.

Last week riots broke out in Afghanistan and Pakistan over an unfounded rumor, irresponsibly published by Newsweek magazine, that an American interrogator had flushed a Koran down the toilet. In response, the administration has been anxiously assuring the Muslim world that we indeed respect their religion and begging them to please like us.

Meanwhile, in last Friday's sermon televised on Palestinian Authority television the paid employee of the PA described the Jews as an AIDS-like virus responsible for all the world's evils, blamed their economic sabotage of Germany for the Holocaust, and predicted the future triumph of Islam over America, a time when "everything will be relieved of the Jews, even the stones and trees." Yes, this is the same Palestinian Authority whose elected leader, himself a published Holocaust denier, will soon visit the President of the United States and whose organization will receive millions of taxpayer dollars.

I don't know what to say. This is galling and unsupportable, in the very least. When will we learn that no matter what we do or say, the Muslims will hate us and long for our destruction? It's not a secret! It's common knowledge - taught in the mosques every day and screamed from the headlines of the kow-towing MSM. How can our leadership be so blind? How can we allow our leadership to continue down a path of appeasement?

As the final and complete revelation of the divine, Islam feels no need to respect or tolerate other religions or secular notions like "human rights," for they are all the detritus of infidel history to be swept away in the final triumph of the one true religion.

Hence, while we in the West anxiously monitor our words and deeds for even the slightest offense against Islamic sensibilities, we receive in exchange no such consideration; indeed, our eager protestations of respect merely excite more contempt.

I have no such personal compunction about monitoring my words concerning Islam and jihad, as you well know if you've read my blog for awhile. I make no apologies for my views that Islam is lunacy - I can find evidence of such every single day in the global news. For some folks, such evidence is mounting and maybe some day they'll have enough courage to take a stand. For others, no amount of evidence against violent jihad will ever be enough - and those leftist, self-hating liberals will rejoice in the fall of America. In fact, they'll do more than that - they will betray their country and countrymen in word and deed. They already do - every day - and we let them get away with it. Leftists call their tolerance and overt support of Islam "enlightenment", I call it "treachery".

[Their] mentality... is that of a psychological dhimmi, the non-Moslem who concedes Islam's superiority and, hence, right to rule him. That is, the world-view of those for whom...tolerance is the camouflage of moral exhaustion, and respect for the culture of the "other" is merely an expression of disbelief in the value of one's own. In short, like the hand wringing of the administration over an obvious lie only the irrational and ignorant would believe, this willingness to demonize the culture that created you and to extol as superior the culture that wants to destroy you can only be described as suicidal. Certainly the Islamist sees it that way, which is why he feels confident in predicting the ultimate triumph of his religion: he is willing to die and kill for his beliefs, whereas significant numbers of Westerners don't really believe that there is anything worth dying and killing for.

One of my personal favorite quotes, found on the bottom of my every blog page, is by John Stuart Mills: "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares about more than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself." The moral state of our leftist, liberal elites is irredeemably, morally bankrupt. It will take the sacrifice of better people to save their sorry asses. THEY are not worth it - but the freedom and preservation of our country is worth everything.

We are the beneficiaries of a culture created by those before us who forged European civilization in the fires of resistance to Islamic jihad: in Spain, in Sicily, in Eastern Europe, in Greece--the plunder, rape, slaughter, massacres, sacks, kidnapping, and enslavement perpetrated by the armies of Allah were for centuries fought by those whose names now most Westerners have forgotten or would be embarrassed to claim as their own. Don John, Charles Martel, Leo the Isaurian, Prince Eugene, Montecuccoli, Andrea Doria, El Cid, Sobieski, Charlemagne, Suvorov, Boucicaut, Hunyadi, Fernando II of Castile, Alfonso I of Aragon, Guiscard, Harold Hardrada. Who among us knows anything about the men who fought and killed so that Europe, and Europe's offspring America, today looks like Europe and America instead of looking like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, or Syria?

Movies like Kingdom of Heaven, an atrocious (not to mention exceedingly boring) revision of the Crusades, spend hundreds of millions to romanticize jihad and demonize Westerners. Only those who KNOW history can identify the obvious lies and distortion of historical fact. Everyone else, pitifully ignorant of history and apathetically unwilling to seek the truth, accepts this revision at face value and in doing so, builds the bigotry against our heritage and the valor of our ancestors and replaces it with tolerance and support of Islam.

Because of the brutal violence of those [Western] warriors against jihad, we in the West today enjoy the luxury of cynicism, cheap irony, effete tolerance, and hedonism. We moral dwarves stand on the shoulders of those giants and spit on their heads, thinking our ingratitude is really an intellectual sophistication superior to the primitive superstitions and naïve ideals that have made our lives of freedom and prosperity possible.

Westerners and Americans are blithely ignoring the lessons of history. En masse, we consider ourselves evolved and enlightened - when nothing could be further from the truth. In truth, we are moral dwarves...stunted in wisdom, prudence, and historical understanding, and pitifully weak in our convictions. We are unwilling to fight an enemy that has openly declared war on us. Our apathy is weakness... and our weakness is suicide.

The One Republic - Bruce Thornton