Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars...who cares?

I've fallen behind on my work - imagine that. So I'm playing catch up with deadlines looming today and tomorrow. Thus, I'm taking a day or two off of blogging. Even though I'm worried about missing the goings-on of the world, I've glanced (merely glanced, I tell you) at the headlines and only saw 'Star Wars' this and 'Revenge of the Sith' that. *snore* So, with global headlines blathering on and on and on about 'Star Wars', there's really nothing else going on - forget the wars, the politics, and scandals. 'Star Wars' opened today (or rather, in the middle of the night, for those weird enough to HAVE to see it first), and I'm confident that I can skate for the next day or so without blogging.

I'm not a 'Star Wars' fan, and have actually cruelly mocked it ever since I had the misfortune of seeing the one with JarJar Binks - god-awful, it was. BUT, I do have a 10-year old son and 2 nephews and several brothers who have scarely BREATHED today because of all the coverage of this movie release. As such, I cannot escape the mania, and have to pretend I'm listening when they try and convince me of the sheer genius and historical significance of this movie. Thank god there's no testing at school today because I fear for my son's inattentiveness! My bro-in-law actually skipped work. *sigh* OK, whatever - do what you gotta do, I guess.

I'll admit, I don't get it. I won't go into details about why the whole franchise bores me, for fear of radical retribution. In fact, I fear that more than when I rant about illegal immigration or Muslim terrorism - and I've used some provocative and controversial language when ranting about both those topics. Yet, nothing would probably garner more hate mail than if I were to slice and dice the 'Star Wars' franchise!

If you're reading this, then you're on a computer somewhere, which means that you are genetically pre-dispositioned with a latent "geek" gene to ADORE 'Star Wars' and live for this latest (and last) release. Only a few of us have escaped that neural hard-wiring.

Mytheory is that our ambivalence is due to our 'Star Wars' neurons having been neutralized, probably during a few pregnancies. Yes, that assumes we're female, since I've never actually met a male who didn't care about 'Star Wars'. And, that also assumes we're Moms because most single girls and women I know have succumbed to the hype and have joined the mania. This is completely unscientific, mind you, and I may roam in more techie circles, where the 'Star Wars' neurons are commonly stronger than in the rest of the population at large. Anyways, back to my theory - for those of us who simply don't care, it may be because our 'Star Wars' neurons were washed continuously with all kinds of Mommy hormones until they were rendered benign. Now that's just speculation since most Moms I've talked to (with the exception of a few who are feeding on their sons' and husbands' palpable fanaticism) are bewildered by the inexplicable appeal but magnanimously generous in catering to it. It's kinda like we're immune, but will selflessly care for those so genetically pre-disposed to 'Star Wars' mania.

So, if you're gonna stand in line for half a day, with your precious tickets (which you probably bought online 2 months ago) clutched in your trembling little hands - then you aren't reading the blogs anyway and neither of us are missing anything. If you, like me, are alone and isolated in your complete disregard for the 'Star Wars' release, then maybe you can take this opportunity to read a book or write a letter.

Me? I'm actually gonna get back to work. As I said, deadlines are looming, and I've gotta work for a living.