Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Radio DJ wins $10.6 million in stink over perfume

Ya know...sometimes I wonder what lawyer in his right mind thinks "Yeah! This is a slam dunk case!" How could an attorney hear the feeble, whiny facts of this case and arrive at the conclusion that he could win millions? What did he know about the lobotomized jury of freaks that makes no sense to the rest of us? The jury's verdict awarded the whiner/plaintiff $7 million in punitive damages, $2 million in mental anguish and emotional distress and $1.6 million for past and future compensation!! (?!)

Erin Weber, whiner/plaintiff, contends in her suit that she was fired in 2001 after she complained about being exposed to Tresor perfume, which is described by Lancome as a combination of rose and lilac. She said she was sickened by the fumes, a condition that began when a co-worker exposed her to spilled nail-polish remover. The perfume was worn, her suit said, by another employee.

Listen to this woman's "complaints":

Weber claimed exposure to Tresor caused her to lose her voice and take lengthy absences from work. She also said she once "felt an electric shock quell through my entire body" and required heavy medication to combat the effects.
I suggest that her "heavy medication" addled what few brain cells she had to work with. Obviously, the word 'quell' is inappropriately used and proves that this silly woman is using words too big for her tiny brain. Maybe that's really why she had to stay home from work - her feeble mind was overtaxed.

Her doctor, Martin Charles, "warned (Weber) that further exposure to perfume could even result in death," a brief from her lawyers said.

Her doctor said Weber shouldn't be exposed to co-worker Lee's Tresor perfume.
"Death" by Tresor, huh? *snort* Riiiiiight. So...what's his cut? 20%?

Weber claimed Lee, who is co-host of the Edwards & Lee afternoon show, intentionally exposed her to her perfume. WYCD said it specifically required Lee to stop wearing any perfume in response to Weber's complaints. The station said in its response that it modified Weber's schedule so they wouldn't come into conduct during shift changes.
Sounds overly reasonable to me. Like they bent over backward to accomodate this whiny ding-bat.

In a May 2001 e-mail to the station manager, presented as evidence, Weber said Lee's perfume caused her to lose her voice and that Lee intentionally walked by her at the Downtown Detroit Hoedown -- a popular annual country music festival. "Linda nearly brushed past me and a cloud of perfume trailed behind me," Weber wrote.

"To have brought the perfume with her suggests forward planning. This appears to be a premeditated attack which was entirely unprovoked by me in any way," Weber wrote. " Please tell me what steps you plan to take to ensure my safety."
Egads! Somebody slap this woman before I sue her for giving me a headache with all her whining!

Radio DJ wins $10.6 million in stink over perfume - 05/24/05