Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pantano Prosecutor Says Coburn is "A Bit Slow"

Pantano Prosecutor Says Coburn is “A Bit Slow”
by Kit Jarrell

The chief accuser in the Pantano case spent six hours on the stand today finishing up his cross-examination at the hands of Pantano’s chief civilian counsel Charles Gittins, and from what the Jacksonville Daily news reported, it was pretty much another session of “Coburn-as-the-football”.

Sgt/ Coburn, who was considered Pantano’s chief accuser, said “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” more than 50 times during his testimony in the pretrial hearing at Camp Lejeune.

Fifty times? They gave the guy immunity just so he could sit on the stand and say “I don’t know” fifty times? I started chuckling at this point. Didn’t you?

Oh, but dear readers, it gets better.

Throughout his testimony Saturday, there were times Coburn couldn’t recall some details about the shooting that took place April 15, 2004, in Mahmudiyah, Iraq. At times, he couldn’t remember what he did just a few days ago.

At the start of the cross-examination, he couldn’t recall whether he read newspaper articles about the testimony given at the Article 32 hearing this week. He initially told Charles Gittins, Pantano’s civilian defense counsel, that he only “glanced” at the newspaper coverage. He then said he read several articles on the Internet.

So he doesn’t remember the details of the shooting, even though that’s the reason we’re all here? And did he read coverage or not? Something tells me he spent at least some time over here seeing all the great things we have to say about him.

When questioned about the amount of firefight going on in Iraq in April 2004, Coburn’s testimony differed from all the Marines who testified for both the prosecution and defense. They all described a several-hour ambush on April 11, 2004, and an increase in car bombs and other explosive devices during that time.

“I don’t think it was bad,” Coburn said when he was asked about it.

Well, since Coburn said it, I’m sure it must not have been bad, right? Since he’s a pillar of credibility and all. Then again, if you’re in the back with the radio, I guess it could be hard to see what the Marines up front are doing [hint for Coburn: They were fighting. You know, since there’s a war on and all.]

And just in case you still think Coburn is worth anything as a Marine, allow me to dispel that notion for you:

Gittins asked if Coburn was ever yelled at because he talked to the press about the case. Initially, Coburn said he wasn’t given an order. Then he testified that the 1st sergeant he reports to informed him that he was given an order not to speak to the media, but he didn’t really pay attention to what his superior was telling him.

“I understood some of the words he said. But, yes, I was not paying attention to most of what he said,” said Coburn, who pushed out his bottom lip and rolled his tongue around in his mouth whenever he had to think a minute about a question.

I literally started laughing at this point. Coburn is so incredibly unintelligent that he doesn’t even realize how transparent his arrogance is. Here’s more about Coburn the fantastic Marine:

Coburn was counseled twice by Capt. Bradley Weston, his company commander, for sleeping when his squad should have been training. In the fitness report, Weston cited Coburn for “failure to use guidance provided to him.”

In the report, Weston said Coburn, who had been in the Marine Corps nine years, didn’t understand the significance of his demotion from squad leader to radio operator - a job typically held by new Marines.

Coburn failed to realize the demotion “was a signal that he had lost the faith and confidence of the command,” Weston said in the report. Coburn testified he was moved to radio operator because he could do the job better than anybody else.
Riiiight. We’re not talking about Forrest Gump here, are we? Judging from his distinct lack of writing capability in his comments on this blog, one must wonder. And sleeping? While he’s supposed to be training his squad? And then people wonder why Pantano demoted him.

And, of course, we have the token denial of what has come to be known as “The Grudge(tm)”.

Coburn denied accusations that he had a grudge against Pantano as well as statements to fellow platoon members that he hated Pantano and wanted him gone.

One could almost add on to his statement, “…so just ignore the statements I’ve been making the entire time I served with Pantano and since then. Especially ignore the ones all over the internet and in the interviews I gave.”

But the icing on the cake was this tidbit, taken from the closing statement of the prosecution:

"Yes, he’s a bit slow,” Keane said. “No, (Coburn’s) not the model Marine…”

Well, isn’t that just the understatement of the year.

I can’t believe this has gone on this long.