Monday, May 09, 2005

Pakistan's panties in a bunch - AGAIN


Pakistan demands ANOTHER inquiry - this time into an "objectionable cartoon" in the Washington Times.

"Pakistan has condemned the publication of this cartoon in strongest possible term. We have also asked for an inquiry to be conducted because this cartoon, the cartoonist and those who allowed the publication have not done any service to the forces of moderation," Jilani said.

"They have committed a kind of insult not only to the American administration but also to the American public," the spokesman noted.

The infamous cartoon that will determine Pakistan's entire foreign policy!

I'm not insulted, are YOU insulted?

I swear, does this Jilani dude have nothing better to do than "objecting" all day long and "demanding inquiries"? Seriously! If I were a conspiracy theorist, I'd surmise that Pakistan was in league with the terrorists and scheming to bury us alive under bureaucratic horseshit!

The Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) quoted ruling party president Chaudhry Shujaat as saying:

"The government has taken a strong note of this cartoon published in Washington Times as it has hurt the feelings of the people of Pakistan."

If that's so, then the people of Pakistan need to do us all a favor and get on Prozac, fer cryin' out loud. They're all demanding that Pakistan withdraw it's support for the War on Terror. I guess the cartoon bothers 'em more than muderous rampaging terrorists!

Go figure.