Monday, May 09, 2005

Mexico may sue U.S. Army reservist!

I can hardly believe I'm writing this, but in a galling public statement on Friday, a Mexican official said that the Mexican government is considering filing a LAWSUIT against the Army reservist who detained 7 illegal aliens in Arizon last month!!!! Yes, you read that right: the Mexican government wants to sue a private American citizen.

As you know, local prosecutors in Arizona refused to bring charges against Sgt. Patrick Haab, based upon a state law that allows a resident to make an arrest when a felony, including immigrant trafficking, has been committed. Yet, the Mexican government has now announced its intent to sue Sgt. Haab! They are in discussions with a human rights groups in L.A. (I might hazard a guess that it is La Raza), and lawyers are analyzing the best way to proceed. (So says the Mexican deputy foreign secretary, in case you were wondering if this was a rumor or hoax.)

Is there no end to the absurdity - the utter GALL of the Mexican government? What kind of idiocy do they suffer from?

On the other hand, I kind of hope they DO file a suit! It'll be a watershed moment, and force a very public airing of this issue of the rotten and corrupt Mexican government meddling in the U.S.. It would force people out of their numbing complacency and into taking a stand on the issue.

I'd LOVE to see where Bushicano would stand. Would he back the rights of a legal U.S. citizen who has loyally served his country, or would he back the corrupt Mexican government and the illegal aliens? I wish I could say that he'd stand by the American, of course! But I can't...

It is very sad to say I don't know what our President would choose.

Read the whole article in this Tuscon newspaper:
Mexico may sue reservist in migrant detention

Hat tip: ALIPAC