Friday, May 13, 2005

LT Pantano Hearing - Recommendation IN

LT Ilario Pantano

The straight scoop from Euphoric Reality:

2 Lt. Ilario Pantano did not commit murder, and Sgt. Daniel Coburn is clueless.

That’s the nutshell version of Maj Mark Winn’s opinion, given in a 16-page report that I will be posting later today. The key findings of the report were posted at Defendthedefenders:

  • That the Government offered no credible evidence to contradict Lt Pantano’s statement that he acted in self defense in response to a hostile act;
  • That Lt Pantano’s shooting of the two Iraqis was justified in accordance with the then-prevailing Rules of Engagement;
  • That there was no credible evidence that Lt Pantano acted with premeditation;
  • That Lt Pantano was not derelict in his duties in the handling of Iraqi prisoners;
  • That Lt Pantano’s use of the “No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy was poor judgment but not criminal and not conduct unbecoming an officer; and,
  • That Lt Pantano did not act in a manner unbecoming an officer in his handling of the Iraqi prisoners.
  • However, Maj. Winn did not believe that Pantano acted 100% blamelessly in all areas. He did find that the number of rounds expended was excessive, and due to this only, recommended that Pantano receive non-judicial punishment for conduct unbecoming an officer. [Note: It is interesting that he recommended that, since Pantano was not even charged with this originally.]

    Again, when I get the report I’ll post it in its entirety.

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