Saturday, May 07, 2005

It's Pakistan, Stupid!

On March 25th, I blogged about the announcement of our agreement to sell F-16 fighter jets to Paksitan. I've got a serious problem with that, and said so, depsite the White House's position that Pakistan is our "greatest ally" in the Middle East in the War on Terror. (!) And I guess the acquisition of dozens of our top fighter jets is their just reward!

My exact comments at the time were: "My gut is telling me this cannot be a good thing. Honestly, when I heard the news on the radio today, my first thought was: " Greeaaat, now the terrorists won't need to hijack our commercial aircraft, they've got their own flying bombs, courtesy of the good old US of A."

Now, I feel even worse about my suspicions of Pakistan - because I was more right than I knew at the time...

Paul Sperry, author of the book Infiltration (a must-read), says America needs to wake up to the fact that al-Qaeda, alive and well, has relocated from the corridors of Afghanistan to the welcome hills of Pakistan - our "best ally" in the War on Terror. While we all contentedly wallow in "Condition White", 3 1/2 years distant from 9/11, al-Qaeda is busily recruiting from a most willing source - Pakistan and Pakistani-Americans.

Law enforcement has a term for the period after a crisis when things revert to norm -- condition white. Well, the American people are just about there, three-and-a-half years after the 9/11 attacks.

But as the media obsess over Michael Jackson's favorite lubricants and Paula Abdul's dalliances with Idol wannabes, al-Qaida is "very active" recruiting and planning to attack the United States again. "As months and years pass," Vice President Dick Cheney warns, "they are hoping that our country will grow complacent" and forget the horror of 9/11. And they're getting their wish, judging from the picayune issues that are catching the nation's attention now.

Even Bush warns us to not let down our guard, "One of my concerns after September the 11th is the farther away we got from September the 11th, the more relaxed we would all become and assume that there wasn't an enemy out there ready to hit us."

Right. So do they know something we don't know? Well, of course!

According to the closely held intelligence bulletins, officials worry Pakistanis trained in the camps are trying to sneak into America to carry out terrorist attacks. In fact, U.S. border authorities are reminded each day in shift musters that Pakistanis pose the No. 1 terrorist threat to America right now. And for the past several months, they have been under orders to increase scrutiny of travelers of Pakistani origin.

The latest advisory puts authorities on high alert for Pakistani terrorists trying to enter the U.S. with fake British passports.

"A number of Pakistani-based young men in their 20's may be traveling to the U.S. with altered United Kingdom passports in order to engage in terrorist-related activity," says the highly sensitive DHS action memo. "Of most interest may be individuals fitting this description traveling to Washington D.C., Houston, Chicago or New York."

Pakistani-Americans returning from visits to their homeland were subjected to special screening...that is, until their Embassy complained about it! (Of course, we don't want to hurt anyone's feelings! Is anyone else getting as pissed off as me about our wishy-washy, panty-waist, PC, non-offensive "tactical strategies"?):

Fearing some may be returning from terrorist camps in their ancestral homeland, customs officials have been directed to not only question them about their trip and activities but to also search their arms and legs for signs of having had terrorist training. They've been told to look for anything from rope burns to bruises to possible injuries suffered from using firearms or explosives. The body searches stopped after the Pakistani Embassy complained, but they are still being asked a battery of questions.

Yeah, 'cuz a "battery" of questions will do the trick - that'll break 'em! Ptooie! I spit on that! Wait until the ACLU advises the Pakistani Embassy that a "battery of questions" is, indeed, an abusive humanitarian rights violation! Then, on their behalf and with the vocal support of Amnesty International, the ACLU will sue our government AND the individual customs officials involved in the "abuse and torture" of poor innocent Pakistanis, and then our government will roll over and pay millions of taxpayer dollars in damages to those poor innocent Pakistanis. Don't shake your head as if that is far-fetched - you KNOW you can see that happening!

Just so you don't think the Pakistani threat is rhetorical, take a peek at these two pages from the Intelligence Driven Special Operation (IDSO) 2001-022: Page One and Page Two. Information about special counter-measures have been redacted by Sperry for security's sake.

And, can I just say, I told you so?":
Pakistanis account for most of the OTMs -- other than Mexicans – crossing the U.S. border with Mexico illegally from countries considered high risk for terrorism. And officials fear some may try to smuggle nuclear or radiological weapons across the porous border into America.

I'm about to have another tantrum about our open borders pretty soon. You can see that I've taken a breather this week, but I feel another rant coming on! BTW, I hope any of you who feel the same way I do about our pitiful border control will copy and forward this article to any of your friends and family who favor an Open Border policy. Help them WAKE UP!!

Anyways, back to Paksitan...

Pakistan, which husbanded al-Qaida and served as a base of operations for the 9/11 plotters, has long been a hotbed of terrorist activity. The war on terror started in Pakistan, and many officials believe it will end there.

But for that to happen, they say Bush must pressure Islamabad to shut down the terrorist camps in Pakistan, because U.S. forces can't do it unilaterally. Islamabad refuses to allow our troops based in Afghanistan to cross the border into neighboring Pakistan.

Ya know, this I don't get... Our Special Forces have whipped through Afghanistan, summarily wiping out the Taliban (which is a good thing), and shutting down the terror camps there, but the terrorists scattered like roaches into Pakistan - where we can't touch them. And what do we do? Do we make the same demands of Islamabad that we made - and enforced - of the Taliban in 2001?! Or do we play nicey-nice, because heaven forbid we offend our "greatest ally" in the War on Terror?! Take a wild guess...

After the 9/11 attacks, President Bush demanded the Taliban close terror camps in Afghanistan. On Sept. 20, 2001, he warned: "Tonight the United States of America makes the following demands on the Taliban ... Close immediately and permanently every terrorist training camp in Afghanistan."

Yet Pakistan, the cradle of the Taliban movement, gets no such ultimatums regarding its own terror camps.

So, who out there has some common sense? Tell me: doesn't it make MORE sense to go into Pakistan, where we know for sure the terrorists are plotting and training, than to chase them willy-nilly around airports in America's major cities? I mean how many terrorists need to slip the customs net for Americans to die in a terrorist attack? Only ONE. So why not crush them at the source?! Why waste resources chasing amorphous false identities when the source is thriving and growing in the arms of our "ally"?

"What gets me is while we were going after the Taliban in Afghanistan, there were a lot of training camps in Pakistan. I mean, there was like a ton. That was where the terrorists were getting most of their training -- in Pakistan -- and they're still getting training there," says John M. Cole, who until last year worked at FBI headquarters as program manager for foreign intelligence investigations covering Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.

While the arrest of al-Libbi was a blow to al-Qaida and a win for our side, untold numbers of terrorists are still plotting and training inside Pakistan -- and preparing to launch attacks against America. Cole and others don't understand why Washington is taking the unnecessary risk of trying to catch the bad guys here when Islamabad could be doing more to stop them over there -- or at least letting our troops help stop them.

I'm getting to the point where I believe that common sense has FLED our political leaders. It's a classic case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. What happened to our tough stance on terrorism? What happened to Bush's doctrine of "If you're not with us, you're against us"? I think it's abundantly clear that the War on Terror is a euphemism that has no real meaning, especially in this cozy feel-good era of Condition White. We're more concerned about offending our enemies than we are about annihilating them. THEY, on the other hand, have no similar compunctions. They're not quite as sold out as America is to the ACLU and other such groups (from HELL, I tell you!) who make it their sole mission to slice off the balls of the greatest nation on the planet. [I'd previously written "Achille's tendon" instead of "balls", but that turn of phrase just wasn't strong enough.]

Who feels safe now, knowing that the War on Terror is subject to political correctness? I'd rather piss off a ktrillion Pakistanis than lose ONE AMERICAN life. To hell with them...

For the whole story, free of my editorial commentary, read It's Pakistan, Stupid! by Paul Sperry.

Hat tip: Jihad Watch