Monday, May 16, 2005

Is there an illegal alien uprising brewing in CA?

(Baldwin Park, CA) May 14, 2005 will go down as another day that Americans had an opportunity to see the future of the nation and the vicious undercurrents of hate and separatism brewing in the ranks of illegal aliens in the South Western United States.

Unfortunately, biases in the media once again have asserted their filters keeping most of America in the dark. Those that have had the opportunity to see the local media coverage of the protest of the Baldwin Park monument will still find themselves lacking accurate and complete information.

Americans are increasingly turning to black market news sources to learn of the massive high school riots , attacks on law enforcement by illegal alien gangs , the systematic destruction of state budgets, the bankruptcy and closure of hospitals , and other horrific news precipitated by a hidden invasion that the mainstream media (MSM) feels is less important that the Michael Jackson trial. It should come as no surprise then that the MSM did not tell America about what happened at Baldwin Park.

About 50 Save Our State protestors found themselves outnumbered almost 10 to 1 by a violent mob of illegal aliens supported by local politicians and radical leftist groups. The angry mob of illegal aliens and activists were joined by anarchists, socialist, and separatist militants like the Brown Berets. The Brown Berets have been responsible for assaults on Americans during prior events.

The SOS protestors had gathered to bring attention to slogans carved into a taxpayer purchased monument that was discovered during Billboard Gate .

Both the billboards and the Baldwin Park monument, "Danzas Indigenas", contradict the claim that there is no rebellion brewing in the ranks of the illegal aliens flooding America. The LA Billboards showed Los Angeles with a new address in Mexico and the Baldwin Park monument claims "It was better before they came" and "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always and is, And will be again."

The most concrete evidence that Reconquista is real and that there is a rebellion brewing in the pro-illegal alien ranks in S. California was on proud display by those defending the monument in Baldwin Park. This angry mob carried messages that the MSM has chosen to exclude from their reports.

Although the SOS protestors were a diverse range of Americans of different races, genders, and age groups, they were confronted with signs that screamed "Racists!" and "SOS Nazis". The press was quick to point these signs out without pointing out the multi-ethnic and demographic diversity of SOS.

The traditional media completely missed the real story! They decided not to tell you of the opposition signs that read "F*** THE ALAMO", "YOU DON"T RULE US", "WHO'S THE ILLEGAL PILGRIMS?", and "MINUTEMEN BEWARE".

They also omitted the fact that the opposition mob had one American flag that was desecrated by some members of the crowd before opposition organizers grabbed it. Mexican flags were abundant in the mob and SOS protestors were told "This is Mexico.", "You stole this land!" and "Get Out!" as the mob clearly chanted "We didn't cross the borders, the borders crossed us!"

What could put such blinders on the local and national press? Have they been so trained to look in the same direction for racism and hatred all their lives that when confronted with it right in front of their faces on a grand scale they miss the boat? Can't see the forest for the trees?

Although the press originally reported there were no injuries, a 66 year old woman that stood with the SOS protestors was struck in the head by a full water bottle that was arched high into the air from the angry mob. She was taken away on a stretcher front of the media as the pro-illegal mob cheered and made mocking gestures to add insult to her injury. She spent a night in ICU as doctors watched for signs on internal bleeding in her brain.

Near the end of the protest, things almost reached catastrophic levels. Although police in riot gear kept their attention pointed at the increasingly violent mob the opposition protestors surrounded SOS supporters, preventing any safe way to leave at the end. Police then informed the SOS protestors they should leave and they could not guarantee their safety.

The threat of mass violence against the SOS supporters that were exercising their American rights was imminent. Police eventually took them to a secure area where SOS supporters, including a blind lady that came by bus, could be extracted.

This protest illustrated all of the factors we as Americans face with the illegal immigration crisis.

Press that is willing to exclude, distort, and translate information in a way that keeps Americans in the dark or misled about the situation.

Police that can barely keep control of the growing mob of illegals that do not respect our laws, our people, and our national territorial claims.

Local politicians that are a part of the separatist movement.

Messages in governmental and corporate displays that encourage the uprising.

Patriotic Americans that find themselves increasingly threatened with violence, hatred, racism, and intimidation on American soil by angry mobs.

A simmering separatist movement called Aztlan that is gaining strength day by day as 6-10 thousand new illegal aliens enter our nation each night.

The Aztlan separatist movement is real. Reconquista is real. We are in danger of losing part of America thanks to negligent and complicit press and politicians.

Brave Americans that are willing to put their personal safety at risk to warn us all are being maligned and threatened.

Perhaps this protest is a microcosm and gives us a glimpse of the future? There is growing evidence that many Californians, especially the middle class tax base, are fleeing the state already. Do the activists represent a much larger group that will be needing an armed escort to the new border when a spark ignites this brewing revolt? The Rodney King riots could pale in comparison to this independance movement.

Those of us that know the facts about the occupied territory of Baldwin Park, CA must warn our countrymen and take action as a nation to protect and defend the United States of America.

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