Sunday, May 15, 2005

Internet Vigilante Targets Terrorist Web Sites

A profile of the founder of Internet Haganah from St. Louis' KMOV, "Internet vigilante targets terrorist Web sites," with thanks to Jeffrey Imm.

For most of us the war on terror involves soldiers and federal agents in foreign countries. But one local man is waging his own battle thousands of miles from the frontlines.

In this News 4 Extra, Marc Cox takes us inside that man's war room where his successful campaign is drawing death threats.

It's no surprise terrorist groups uses the Internet to spread the message of hate. It even boasts videos allegedly showing U. S. troops being killed by roadside bombs in Iraq.

But you may be shocked to learn the Web server hosting this site is based in the U.S. is based in Bellevue, Washington.

By and large, it's American companies that provide the services necessary to keep those sites online,” says Aaron Weisburd.

Weisburd takes that personally. This computer programmer now uses his cyber skills full time to root out terrorists. His Web site, Internet Haganah, tracks terrorist sites and shuts them down.

In three years Weisburd and his dozen volunteers have managed to get 650 sites taken offline. Those sites are used for fundraising and recruiting so Weisburd's success led one terrorist leader to issue a death threat against him.

“When you know you're on al Quaida's list, everything else is sort of like, not quite as exciting,” he says...

Hat tip: Jihad Watch