Saturday, April 16, 2005

We may have to do this ourselves!! I'm ready.

I am so sick and tired of asking our politicians to do what's right. Besides the fact that we should be able to count on them to protect America, the fact that they WON'T is damnable. Now we need to kick 'em in the ass or kick 'em out of office and DEMAND the right thing for America!

Is there even such a thing as a public servant that actually serves the public good, and not his own interests?!! Maybe we shouldn't rely on shady political leaders to protect us. Maybe we should simply ignore their worthless existence and raise up our OWN leaders, thoroughly commited to preserving America in it's sovereignty. Damn it, if we want the job done right, we're gonna have to do it ourselves!

It would be a purely American coup-d'etat if the Minutemen Project grew to stand along the whole open border from Texas to California for years if necessary, in order to protect the sovreignty our politicians seem determined to SELL OUT from underneath us and our children!!!!

So many times I've read of our Founding Fathers, and how so many of them dedicated all they had to the Revolution that founded our nation. Many of them lost everything - but they had already counted that cost and believed it WORTH IT! Today their names on the Constitution are sacred!

Often, I've bemoaned the fact that my modern American life is too cushy and my citizenship requires virtually nothing of me. I am proud to have served in the military for 6 years, but I've always wished I could've done more. Perhaps I will get my chance. Perhaps America needs Americans that will wholly dedicate themselves to the preservation of our Nation, and be willing to count the cost - and deem it WORTH IT!!!

I've already done so. I have already made up my mind. I won't need to hesitate in the future, should I have to make rapid decisions about the consequences of taking a stand or sitting by in complacency. I already know exactly where I stand, and what I'm willing to do for my country.