Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The vigilante 'Nightmare' that wasn't

Today I received comments on one of my blog articles below from a slightly hysterical man who is convinced that his Mexican-American wife is now a "TARGET" for the "vigilantes". O.M.G. I think this guy must have been abducted by aliens and not been present on THIS planet for the past month. Nevertheless, with unceasing patience and tolerance, I gently allayed his fears and tried to bring him up to speed on the REALITY. Unfortunately, his email was bogus (HA - surprise!), so we'll just have to hope that he finds his way back here to read my responses. :D

Anyways, I was bewildered that he could've read ANY article on my blog, especially the one he responded to, and still have unreasonable fears for his wife's life!! I mean, he told me she had a gun and would USE it if anyone tried to detain her!! Good grief - the poor man's overreaction could get someone hurt out there!!!

This type of hysteria can't be good for his health, and so in the interest of good American neighborliness, I've decided to ONCE AGAIN post about the Minutemen and their mission. I mean, really, I hate to sound like a broken record, people, but apparently we have some mentally challenged among us that are consumed with irrational fear for their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I simply can't have that, which is why I've selflessly offered to help.

However, that being said, I need to forwarn my readers that the following article is satirical, much like my own that I posted at the beginning of April, and no one should have a heart attack over grisly reports of violence and bloodshed!!!!

[sigh] All the fun goes out of satire, when you have to EXPLAIN the satire...

"Nightmare" that wasn't
By Robert Stacy McCain

It's over now, the carnage on the Arizona-Mexico border caused by violent right-wing vigilantes. No longer are members of the so-called Minuteman Project shedding the blood and violating the human rights of innocent Mexicans whose only "crime" was illegally trying to enter the United States to earn money for their impoverished families.

Weeks of slaughter and atrocities are now at an end, and the Minuteman vigilantes are going home.

Oh, wait a minute. It never happened.

There was no bloodshed during the three weeks when civilian volunteers patrolled the border. No carnage, no human-rights violations, nothing. The closest thing to an "atrocity" was when a volunteer had an illegal immigrant to pose for a photo holding a funny T-shirt. (The horror.)

"Border vigilantes stir fears of violence," was the headline on a March 31 Associated Press article, warning "law-enforcement officials and human-rights advocates are worried about the potential for bloodshed."

A California college professor/"human-rights" activist called the border volunteers "domestic terrorists [who] represent a danger to the country."

Rep. Raul Grijalva, Arizona Democrat, sent a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, warning that the Minuteman Project "creates a situation for something violent to occur."

Yet nothing violent occurred. What did occur, both U.S. and Mexican officials agree, is that a few hundred law-abiding Americans did what their government (with an annual budget of more than $2 trillion) said it couldn't do: discourage illegal border crossings.

'Nightmare' that wasn't - The Washington Times: Commentary - April 26, 2005

So, there.. there...now, Mr. Jay Keller. All's well. I sincerely hope that helped. May you rest a little easier in your new-found knowledge. No need to thank me! It's the least I could do for my American neighbor.

Your friend,