Monday, April 04, 2005

Two Minutemen Updates....Borrrrrriiinnng.

Well, damn, so far no uncontrolled rampages, no wild-eyed posses led by lunatic racists, no wholesale slaughter of innocent and desperate border crossers, and no ugly confrontations between the Minutemen and Fox's stand-by Mexican Federalis. Dang it, I know there's folks out there hoping for a few more fireworks, but what it's really come to is the Minutemen are quietly doing the job they said they would do: observe and report. Sheesh. Booooorrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnnggg.

One of the first documented encounters between the Minutemen and an illegal was...boringly mundane. There was a tired and thristy illegal entrant who was separated from his group (as if they're tourists on a stroll). The Minutemen helped him and then... the Border Patrol deported him to Sonora. [snooze] This article on the story contained all kinds of quotes about how this one "good deed" was not proof that the Minutemen were useful - they are still a potential menace.

Officials from both sides of the issue said that Minuteman volunteers proved helpful in the first contact with an entrant.

"In this particular case, it was helping us. In this sole incident, it was a help," [U.S. Border Patrol spokesman] Adame said.
One case of providing help doesn't make the monthlong protest acceptable, said a member of a border rights group.

"The fact that they encountered a migrant and did the right thing, yes I'm glad. Does it suddenly make them OK in our communities? No," said Kat Rodriguez, an organizer for the Tucson-based Derechos Humanos, a rights group that has spoken out against the project.

It's interesting to note that James Gilchrist felt little need to mention it, except in passing, since I'm sure he feels it's not out of the norm - they're just doing what they said they would do.

A second documented encounter ended just as peaceably - dang it.

Adame, of the Border Patrol, said the project reported its first group of undocumented immigrants, totaling 18 people, about 4 p.m. Saturday near Borderline Road.

"They just kind of kept an eye on them and pointed a finger and said, 'There they are.' "

"There they are?!" That's it?!! Just "There they are." What kind of self-respecting vigilantes would just sit there and say "There they are"? I mean there were 18 illegal entrants, fer Pete's sake! Those vigilantes could've gotten in some real shoot-'em-up target practice! Wyatt Earp this ain't!

Here's a nice, friendly photo of a Minuteman protestor:

Bisbee resident Mike Anderson, 51, displays a sign on Arizona 80 showing his
displeasure for the Minuteman Project.

And this is what he says:
"I want this border issue solved, but I don't want these guys out here, acting up and playing Wyatt Earp," said Mike Anderson, 51, a Bisbee resident who stood on the shoulder of Arizona 80, holding a sign that read: "Minutemen: Angry White Men With Nothing Better To Do."

"It's time for them to disarm and return peaceably to their homes," he said.

It's interesting to note that the little tidbit about the peaceful reporting of 18 illegals came AFTER an entire article of negative quotes, a picture of an angry anti-Minuteman protestor, and multiple references to ARMED volunteers. Every. Single. Article. has to reference armed Minutemen. Well, here's a report of some of those vicious Minutemen volunteers - even more booooorrrrrriiiiiiinnnng:

On Saturday, about 100 volunteers lined the Naco Highway in front of the Border Patrol station. The majority in the group were senior citizens...

Those big bad scary ARMED vigilantes.

Ah well, so far so good. The Minutemen are helping out just as they said they would, and their detractors, though wishing for ugliness and even bloodshed, will have to hope for another day to discredit these volunteers.

Hat tip: The Immigration Blog