Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"The sky is falling" approach not working for liberals.

Woe, woe, woe...the sky hasn't fallen. "Well, darn it," mutter the liberals. "What does one have to do around here to get a good catastrophe?!"

Here's a snappy article from Robert McCain at the Washington Post.

The lack of vigilante violence in Arizona was the latest (though certainly not the last) in a long history of liberal predictions that failed to materialize. Like name-calling and scandal-hunting, scaremongering is an easy way for liberals to divert attention from the fact they haven't had a workable policy agenda in years.
A partial list of predicted nightmares that never came true:

* In the 1960s, Paul Ehrlich and others predicted tens of millions of people around the world would soon starve to death as a result of overpopulation. It didn't happen, and global fertility rates are now so low (and still falling steadily), that some demographers forecast a decline in world population beginning as soon as 2050.

* In the 1970s, Americans were warned an "energy crisis" meant the world would soon run out of oil. Three decades later, no one predicts exhaustion of the petroleum supply — ever.

* In the 1980s, liberals said evil warmonger Ronald Reagan was on the verge of provoking World War III, with "nuclear winter" wreaking havoc on the planet as a result of the impending thermonuclear holocaust. Didn't happen. The Soviet Union folded like a cheap suit.

* In the 1990s, liberals screamed that poor children would starve to death because of welfare reform and Republicans' "draconian" cuts in social programs. Fast forward to 2005: experts now warn of an obesity epidemic among poor children.

* After the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, experts rushed to warn Americans of the dangers of right-wing militias — soon, hordes of gun-toting wackos would goose-step down Main Street. Never happened. The supposedly large and growing "militia movement" turned out to be a handful of kooks in camouflage.

Amazing, isn't it? Liberals haven't accurately predicted anything in 40 years. Yet every time a liberal "expert" gins up a new prophecy of disaster (global warming, anyone?) his phone number is added to the speed-dial of "Nightline" producers, and the New York Times wins another Pulitzer for its five-part series examining the crisis du jour.
With the failure of the predicted "border vigilante" crisis, liberals have maintained their record of being 100 percent wrong — and now press on to new adventures in wrongness.
Liberals have recently predicted proposed Social Security reforms will slash retirement benefits, Tom DeLay's "scandals" will hurt the GOP, and the Terry Schiavo case will help Democrats retake control of Congress next year.
Don't bet on any of it. The only difference between predictions by liberals and predictions by supermarket tabloid psychics is the possibility — however remote — that Bigfoot might be real and Elvis may still be alive.