Sunday, April 10, 2005

Saboteurs, according to Lincoln

"Congressmen who willfully take actions during wartime that damage morale and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or hanged."

-- President Abraham Lincoln

Please read further, because I'd like your input on this.

President Abe Lincoln is a study in contrasts. Ridiculed and vilified during his presidential tenure, he nevertheless stands today as one of our most revered Presidents. His accomplishments were controversial AT THE TIME, but with hindsight, all of us benefit from his historic stands and we can see the intrinsic value of his single-minded courage. He was unpopular, villainized, and hated even unto assassination - yet today he's respected as uncommonly wise.

President Lincoln's quote above was made during the most terrible war in our country's history. More Americans killed Americans during the battle of Gettysburg than Americans that were killed in the entire Vietnam War! Can we today even imagine that kind of destruction and death? Can we even fathom the type of integrity and personal sacrifice demanded from the men that led our nation through it's darkest hour and reunited it on the other side?

So today, can our leaders in government live up to that standard of leadership that was honed during the Civil War? Some maybe can, but most can not. Most of our elected leadership is driven by self-promotion and self-preservation, NOT the higher ideals of public service and sacrifice. Doesn't it sicken you to sometimes think of the grossest bottom-of-the-barrel politicians we've settled for over our many and long years of peace, prosperity, and power? It's almost like we've let the whole system go, due to our own distractions, busy-ness, and complacency. We are fat and happy Americans, and don't feel the NEED for strong, uncompromising leadership unless something threatens our status quo.

So how many bottom-feeders have crept into the Senate and the Congress while generations have puttered around their own lives, leaving the dirty politics to the dirty politicians?

How many of our esteemed Congressmen and women would qualify as saboteurs during THIS war? I can think of more than a dozen right off the top of my head! But I'd like to hear who YOU think is a saboteur, according to President Lincoln's own standards, and WHY.

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