Monday, April 18, 2005

NY Magazine: In depth story of LT Pantano and his accuser, Sgt. Coburn

The article is quite long, but a good read. It's actually interesting (!) in a story-like way, and gets the reader inside the heads of the two men at the center of this military drama. The court martial trial, which has to convene within the next 110 days or so, will be pivotal for much more than just the principal players, but will set precedents for the Marine Corps and our military conduct at war in general! Further, it is not to be considered lightly, for Lt Pantano faces the death penalty if found guilty of premeditated murder for killing two Iraqi insurgents last year.

Here are two links to the story:

Euphoric Reality - probably the best independent source of on-going info on LT Pantano. Their updates are always first and they're covering it in-depth when most bloggers and news agencies have moved on.
NY Magazine - in-depth interviews, photos, and back story by Steve Fishman.