Monday, April 11, 2005

More Liberal Idiocy

What - are these people 13 years old?! They're like the schoolyard losers that no one wants to play with because they always GO TOO FAR! They have no common sense to know when to say when, and they have no class to know the envelope has been pushed too far. They're inbred political losers that increasingly drive away their moderates because they behave like jack-asses!

Now once again, the liberals have taken it too far. Having wallowed in juvenile vandalism, food throwing, and other assinine behavior for long enough, liberals NOW feel the urge to cross the line from poor taste to outright HATE speech. This is really a bunch of low-class people, there is no doubt!

Check out these new T-shirts:

Another Liberal Motto?

New Liberal T-shirt

Always classy, eh?