Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More about getting off your duff!

In the whole spirit of GETTING OFF YOUR DUFF, I thought I'd post this link for everyone to participate in a petition to secure our borders. NumbersUSA is handling the petition - a very reputable and active organization. Once/If you sign the petition, please forward it to your email list.

BTW, if you haven't registered at NumbersUSA, please check them out. I found their link thru ALIPAC. Very easy to be involved and contact your Congressional and Senate reps. Send faxes with one click of the mouse!

So get off your duffs!

Nope, there's nothing more on this side. I can't remove the "Read More" link so you just clicked here and got a bunch of nuthin'! LOL

Besides, you need to be clicking on the petition. Go one now, get something done today!