Friday, April 15, 2005

Mexican Foreign Secretary envisions the inevitable INTEGRATION of U.S. and Mexico

Here is a thought that should shrivel your American soul:

America ceases to exist in the 21st century, instead replaced with an integrated Mexican-American hybrid state.

Does that sound like a crack-pot conspiracy theory to you? Well, wake up and smell the reality! It is THE OPEN AGENDA of the Mexican government!! Would our own government acquiesce to this?! If so, it would be treason of the worst sort!

This article reports that the Mexican Foreign Minister has openly stated such an agenda to a group of Texas-Pan American students:

Mexico’s Foreign Secretary told a group of Texas-Pan American students he envisions a day when Mexico and the United States are “integrated.”

Friends, I know some of you think something like could never happen. Well, it will if we continue to think like that! I encourage you, implore you, to get involved in efforts that will counter this agenda of the Mexican government. Our American sovreignty is not something to be apathetic about.

Derbez also shared his thoughts about the Minutemen Project, a group of civilians who are gathering along the Arizona border Mexico to stop the wave of illegal immigrants from crossing into the country from Mexico.

"Because (the Minutemen) feel frustrated or whatever reason they are doing this,” Derbez said. “They are trying to take the war into their own hands."

Did you catch his wording?! What war, we might ask!? Is there a war going on for our country that the American people aren't even aware of? The Mexican Foreign Minster seems to think so!!!! The literal invasion [see definition: The dramatic increase in the number of individuals in a non-native population, accompanied by an expansion of range] of our nation by 25 million illegals would appear to support that, too!

All patriotic and sovreignty issues aside, there are insurmountable cultural, sociological, and anthropological reasons why integration would be a crushing disaster. An excellent article, The Hispanic Challenge, outlines the hows and whys of the Hispanic tsunami that may wipe out America as we know it.

Since the 1980s, the Mexican government has sought to expand the numbers, wealth, and political power of the Mexican community in the U.S. Southwest and to integrate that population with Mexico. “The Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders,” Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo said in the 1990s. His successor, Vicente Fox, called Mexican emigrants “heroes” and describes himself as president of 123 million Mexicans, 100 million in Mexico and 23 million in the United States.

Please visit the following websites to get involved:

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