Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mexican-Americans to Challenge Border "Vigilantes"

Angered by the actions of "Minutemen" civilian border guards, some U.S. citizens of Mexican descent are crossing from Mexico into southern Arizona in the hopes of being "detained" by the vigilantes [um...so, now it's official nomenclature] so they can then sue them for violating their civil rights.


This initiative is in response to the April 1 launch of the Minuteman Project, which involves a few hundred self-appointed sentinels taking up positions along a stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border

Madrigal told EFE that he is one of some 500 activists prepared to challenge the Minuteman under the banner: "No Human Being is Illegal." [omg - do I even need to point out how utterly moronic this slogan is?!]

He said he hit upon the idea of Mexicans with U.S. citizenship crossing the border "without papers" as the only peaceful way of confronting the vigilantes. [Again, that handy-dandy official nomenclature. Gee whiz, thanks a bunch, Bushicano!]

I think it's hilarious to picture "500" [yeah, right...] of them creeping across the desert, hoping against hope they get "detained" by Minutemen - who will absolutely not touch them! [*snicker*] I mean, it's hot out there - really hot. Poor guys... Bwahahahahahahaha

Foiled by their own idiocy!

Here's the link in Hispanic Business. Read it in its full absurdity!

Hat tip: Watchman at ALIPAC