Thursday, April 21, 2005

Holy CRAP - read this!!!!

The Mexican president, Vicente Fox, wants to ERASE THE BORDER BETWEEN MEXICO AND AMERICA!!!!!!!

Please give your full attention to this article by David Horowtiz. You can link to his site for more information on the author, but I've also posted the whole thing below:

Last night, while reading The Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy by Daniel Yergin and Joseph Stanislaw, I stumbled upon this jaw-dropper on page 266. The authors quote Mexican President Vicente Fox as follows:

"Now we want to go further. I'm talking about a NAFTA plus. A NAFTA that takes us to a further integration. In the long term, what we are looking for is convergence of our two economies. Convergence on the basic fundamental variables of the economy. Convergence on the income of people. Convergence on salaries. Of course this is a ten-, twenty-year program. But when we reach that level, then we can just erase the border, open up the border for free flow of products, merchandise, capital, as well as people."
President Fox correctly notes that it would be impractical to "erase" the U.S.-Mexican border without first melding the two countries' economies. As long as Americans earn more money than Mexicans, the flow of people across the border will be overwhelmingly in a northward direction. That is why President Fox says that we must have a, "Convergence on the income of people. Convergence on salaries." Evidently, the plan is to raise Mexican salaries and lower American salaries until they meet somewhere in the middle. Then Mexicans will no longer have any compelling reason to come sneaking over the border en masse. We will be just as poor as they are.

It's plain to see how this arrangement would benefit Mexico, at least in the short run. But what do Americans have to gain by going along with this plan?

Can I just say, "Holy S***!" I'm not so suprised as I am furious - after all, I posted it here. And can I further say that I've had the utter misfortune of having to live in Mexico for a year, and have resolved to never go back - even to Cancun or Cabo san Lucas? There's good reason behind my aversion, and I swear that the thought of Mexico and America becoming ONE is enough to turn my stomach inside out. I promise you that you DO NOT want America to become anything remotely close to Mexico!! If you are not hearing sirens and seeing flashing red lights by now, and can't budge yourself to help do something about this, then all I can say is: "Espero que usted goce vivir en Aztlan."

I'm in a severe cussing mood now so I'll leave it here for you to read - and re-read if you think your eyes are deceiving you!

Hat tip: BobC at ALIPAC