Monday, April 11, 2005

Front door service for deported Mexicans?

Here's a conflicted program: the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is thinking about resuming a program to transport illegal aliens back to their hometowns in Mexico, rather than the present practice of expelling them at the Arizona border.

The idea is to return them to their homes in the interior, rather than dumping them over the border where most of them turn right around and try again. Last year, a similar program was tried that flew illegals back to Mexico City and Guadalajara, where buses would then return them to their homes. That program repatriated 14,000 illegals, but it cost $15 million - that's $1100 for each deportation! Who's paying for that? American taxpayers, of course. That program was scrapped - too expensive and provided no deterrance.

But now, they've come back with this variation on the theme - I guess "Let's make a bad idea worse" is a required Bureaucracy 101 course for our dim-bulb government employees. This new plan, instead of flying regularly to a centralized destination such as Mexico City, will include chartered jaunts all over the frick'n country to deliver these illegals back to their own front doors!

Now I've lived there in the south Yucatan, and I know that that has to be the silliest, most absurd idea - those flights will literally be bush jumpers. Add in the danger pay (what pilot is going to want to fly into Chiapas to dump off a bunch of pissed off illegals to their pissed off families?), and you're looking at a nice gigantic price tag. And one that will cost American lives, I'm absolutely confident to predict!

The only way I'd go for this idea, is if MEXICO footed the bill for repatriating their own frick'n citizens into their own frick'n country! How's that for a concept?! If MEXICO had to pay the bill for their illegals, I bet we'd see less government enthusiasm for shoving their poor and unemployed over our borders, and more government cooperation with US Border Control measures (as paltry as they are). I want MEXICO to provide the pilots, the airplanes, the personnel, and the funds to come HERE and pick up their own law-breaking citizens. Let's see the Mexican government invest a little in the border crises - they need to step up to the plate and take responsibility for their own citizens!!

Alright, I know - that'll NEVER happen. The Mexican government is so gleefully and proactively pushing their poor and unemployed over the border - after all, it's FREE money for them - they'll never consider assuming responsibility for the costs!

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