Wednesday, April 20, 2005

FANTASTIC! Minutemen pronounce border vigil a success

I love a story where the underdog wins. I love when the good guys land on top. I celebrate when something that few believed in succeeds to benefit everyone! The Minuteman Project has delivered it all.

Today the Washington Times published an article about the success of the Minuteman Project. The last quote from Chris Simcox of Civil Homeland Defense was spot-on: the government "needs to move now to control this border or we will continue our efforts ... there will be no compromise."

You all know that I took President Bush to task for his precipitous denunciation of the MMP as a group of "vigilantes" - actually it was more of a full-on rant. I've never been so deeply disappointed in Bush as I was when I read his words. I felt ashamed of him - that was a first - betrayed, and angry!

Currently I am engaged in debate with die-hard Bush supporters who apparently don't believe that I have a right to dissent with my chosen leader. I voted for Bush, I campaigned for him, I helped put him in office, and I personally bear the responsibility of standing up to him in this polarizing national issue! And I'll do so because I care about THIS issue of illegal immigration AS MUCH as I do the War on Terror. Both are critical to our nation's security and future. Bush's stance on one is admirable, and deplorable on the other! While I admire his strength (his detractors call it stubbornness) in the War on Terror, I decry that same steeliness in his position on illegal immigration.

I'm not kidding when I say that illegal immigration is the greatest threat to our national sovereignty, even MORE SO than terrorism. That's because terrorism has the tendency to link us all together in solidarity against a common enemy, while illegal immigration will divide our country like only one other issue ever has...