Saturday, April 09, 2005

Eyewitness Accounts of the Minutemen Project

ALIPAC has posted a really great article with two written accounts from a husband and wife MMP team. It's important to know what's going on on the ground, because what little bit we're getting from the MSM is prejudiced against the MMP. In fact, don't you find it odd that the MSM has so very little to say on such a monumental and historic grass-roots movement? I mean, it directly opposes Bushicano's stated objectives, which means it should automatically have the loving and devoted coverage of the MSM. Why aren't the MMP volunteers enthusiastically portrayed as rock stars and celebrities?! Isn't any enemy of Bush their forever friend?

So far, contrary to predictions, the MMP volunteers are behaving professionally, they're having a massive impact on the influx of illegals, and proving that our borders CAN be protected!!! Not only that, but by reading the eyewitness accounts you're treated to the REALITY of the utter chaos on the border, the undermanning of the Border Patrol, and the daily life of the American citizens that have to live there!

Even though the MSM coverage of the MMPs is petering out now that they've proven themselves to be legit, what little they can scrounge up in an attempt to show the volunteers in a negative light is actually exaggerated hearsay and is misreported.

Find out the truth behind some of those MMP headlines:

Eyewitness reports from the Arizona border from Minuteman volunteers