Friday, April 29, 2005

Contagious diseases re-introduced by illegals into American society

I've read a lot of history and believe that the fabric of our American society is threatening to decay, accelerated by mass unchecked immigration, to the point where we are a sprawling, teeming Second, and even possibly, Third World nation. Yes, I know that sounds dire, but study after study provides indicators that our civilization is DEclining as we lose the hegemony of what made us great in the first place.

Diseases that were long ago eradicated in America are now resurfacing - and with a vengeance. In our First World nation, we've long enjoyed the health our sanitary living conditions and aggressive medical research has promoted. Diseases that most have never heard of remained the scourge of the Third World countries. Not anymore...

Immigrants to our country used to be checked and tested for diseases before being granted entry. If they were sick or diseased they were refused access and returned to their homeland. That was back in the day when immigrants came to our country lawfully and were welcomed. Not today. Millions of unchecked illegal aliens throng into our country every year, carrying untold disease and sickness in their bodies. These formerly Third World diseases are attacking Americans in mutated forms that are often immune to known antidotes!

For more information on the specific diseases our society now faces, read the following article - and see if you don't get just a little freaked out!

By Dr. Madeleine Cosman, Ph.D., ESQ