Thursday, April 07, 2005

C'mon can't be serious!

Graffiti, vandalism, trespassing, breaking-and-entering...does that sound like a bunch of high school thugs bent on mayhem and mischief? Yes, but it also describes the behavior of liberals during the election and at colleges across the nation! During the election, liberals behaved in an overall out-of-control juvenile fashion! It was scandalous and waaaaay over the top - simply unacceptable. Now there's a new fad among college liberals (yes, the future of the Democratic and Green Party) of throwing PIES at guest lecturers.

Activist hit by pie at Butler lecture

C'mon, liberals! Get a grip on yourselves, people, and grow up! You can't go around throwing temper tantrums and tossing food around because you disagree with someone's politics! That's absurd! Is your political discourse so tired and stale that you are relegated to slapstick attempts at public humiliation - by throwing food, no less?! Do you attack with pies because you've got absolutely NOTHING legitimate to say?! No wit inside your head to be able to counter your erst-while opponent?! Because you do nothing but humiliate YOURSELVES, completely discredit your party affiliation, and ensure that nothing you've got to say in the future will be heeded. Smart, people, real smart.

So far, by my quick count:

Ann Coulter was attacked with pies. The doofuses MISSED her at point-blank range. So they're lame, idiotic, AND uncoordinated sad sacks. She lived to tell the tale and ridicule her would-be attackers with a wit they'll never hope to achieve.

Pat Buchanan was drenched with, of all things, salad dressing! He removed his coat, quipped about the attack to keep the hall laughing, and finished his lecture in a light-hearted and humerous vein. He maintained his dignity and declined to press charges aginst the puling infantile attacker.

Bill Kristol was attacked with pies earlier this week. Quite a trend you liberals are building here!

And now David Horowitz was hit with pies last night. Really, it's enough to make me believe Dr. Savage's diagnosis: Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!

It MUST be! What else explains this regression to childhood bullying and juvenile publicity stunts? Liberals, you are DEvolving - going the wrong way. You have postured as the enlightened, compassionate, mature, far-seeing, ever-so-wise party for ages and the facade has finally slipped ALLLL the way off!

You neanderthal little posers.