Friday, April 22, 2005

Border control 'absurd,' says Gingrich

So, Hillary has been stepping up her game when it comes to border security. As part of her calculated strategy to shake her liberal image and undercut the Republicans in 2008, she's attacking them on the most vulnerable part of their right flank: open borders, illegal immigration and lax anti-terrorist security. Condi Rice, seen by some as a credible, experienced, and worthy opponent in the '08 elections, is trapped by her own lip service to Bush's extremely unpopular amnesty and guest worker proposals. After 3 more years of touting Bush's non-plan, Condi won't be able to compete with the tough-talking sound-bytes Hillary is currently gathering like flowers in a field. So, a candidate tougher on illegal immigration and border security is the only likely winner in the primaries - Newt Gingrich may just be stepping up to the plate.

Though her motives are cynical, their effects may well be vital both to our national security and to our sovereign responsibility to control our borders.

Republican presidents and congressional leaders have for years effortlessly and painlessly given short shrift to conservative Republican congressmen calling to secure our borders and end massive illegal immigration. But they ignore Hillary at their mortal peril.

Immigration and border legislation in 2005 is likely to be the last chance the Republicans have to put their stamp on those issues. Their failure to do so would: 1) give Hillary three years to champion such Buchananite reform, 2) visibly split the Republican Party on the issue, 3) thereby undercut the Republican unity President Bush will need to pass his Social Security and Tax reforms, and 4) set up Hillary to patch together an unlikely, but formidable, electoral coalition of disenchanted border-security Republicans and main street Democrats for the 2008 campaign.
-Tony Blankley

Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the U.S. House who led the Republican revolution of the last decade, is blasting the the lack of control at America's borders as "absurd."

"I don't think we're stepping up to the plate on a whole series of big challenges, and [the border] is one of them," Gingrich said yesterday on Sean Hannity's national radio show. "You can't have the director of central intelligence, Porter Goss, testify publicly to the Congress that he's genuinely afraid that a weapon of mass destruction, a nuclear weapon, is going to come across the border, and then do nothing about it. I think it's absurd."

And here's a personal favorite quote of mine: "I'm very sympathetic with the volunteers who are trying to help the Border Patrol. I think before anybody in government criticizes them, they ought to fund the Border Patrol strong enough and robust enough to have control of the border." Amen to that. That is worlds better than Bush's treacherous remarks about "vigilantes".

That's going to be the name of the game in '08 - illegal immigration and border security! If Newt is going to lock it up, standing far right of Hillary will make the primaries a breeze.

Hat tip: In the Bullpen