Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Another stroke of genius!

I just thought of this today, as I was ruminating on my genius plan laid out below...

Take the $3.11 BILLION dollars saved by flushing the illegals out of our federal prison system and ADD as many Border Patrol agents as we could ever possibly need along our borders!

The budgetary savings of $3.11 billion would pay for 69,140 new Border Patrol agents, at an average pay rate of $45,000/year! (Border agents are currently paid between $35-55,000 per year. I used the mean of $45,000.)

Could we use 69,140 Border Patrol agents?! Well, probably not that many, so I suggest we recruit and train as many as we need, then use the remaining funds for their equipment and technological aids in boder security.

We could buy a lot of national security for $3.11 billion if we got rid of the illegal vermin in our federal prisons!