Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"You haven't EARNED the right to judge them..."

This is Your War: Crowd Control


Kit from Euphoric Reality turned me on to This is Your War [read it, people]. If you don't mind, I'm going to link to your story from my blog. Your writing was so immediate and in-the-moment, that I felt like I was there. I, too, suffer from a well-fed and overactive imagination! :)

There are very few people who understand the true nature of combat and war. For a moment in time thoughts, words, and actions are telescoped into basic & primal functions. Someone from the outside - without experiencing the history, the conditions, the overwhelming stimuli, the chemical rush of adrenaline - has the luxury & time to dissect and critique - but not the right.

I get SO angry when I hear people who know less than nothing about what's going on in Iraq, arrogantly spout their opinion on actions taken in Iraq (their opinion usually amounts to nothing more than regurgitated sound bytes). You gave me a sentence I can skewer them with: "You haven't earned the right to judge them." I'm convinced I can say it with enough dripping scorn to sufficiently shrivel their balls. I'll enjoy that.

Do what you do best.