Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Uh-oh...the Pope needs a feeding tube...

{music} Duh-du-du-duhhhhhhh...

Yes, the POPE, who is already on a breathing tube, now also needs a feeding tube.

Unfortunately, he has Parkinson's disease [and SO many people have said they would NOT want to live like that!], which makes it difficult for him to talk, and he has several hip and knee ailments. Really, he is so frail, he can't walk, breathe, talk, or do anything on his own. He tried to address an Easter Mass, but could only utter a few unintelligible sounds. [Umm....does that sound kinda like anyone you know of?]

"This silence — full of emotion and desire to speak beyond the physical ability to communicate — spoke to us perhaps as never before the universal language of love," Lombardi said. "For us it was enough. We understood what the pope wanted to say, and how much he wanted to bless us."
Well...I don't know. How can we really KNOW that's what he wanted to say? He made some raspy, grunting sounds; he didn't actually SAY anything. What if it's just an involuntary reflex to stimuli and he wasn't really trying to communicate to you? You can't assume too much here, people. We all know that now.

In fact, it must be costing quite a bundle for his medical care. All those debilitating physical problems...which will only get worse as time goes he can't really do his job...he's not able to communicate...he can't do anything for himself...

I wonder how long he'll be allowed to live like this? What kind of quality of life can he have? I mean, his Parkinson's will only get worse and worse...he's in pain from his physical ailments...who on earth would want to live like that?! My god, when will someone have mercy on this poor man, and end his suffering?!!!!!!!!!

Would someone PLEASE send this poor husk of a man to Florida - where the mercy runneth over?! [There's a judge there who can help him out.]