Thursday, March 17, 2005

A theoretical question about killing those insurgents...

Sometimes jerks become soldiers, and then they're mean to our enemies. *sob* So what?

OK, so after reading all I can find about LT Pantano, I've learned that he is a loyal, compassionate, patriotic, family man - and generally the kind of guy all of us want to know. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the charges against him are so outrageous.

BUT... What if one of our soldiers who's NOT such a great guy, perhaps he's a hardcore violent jerk who lives for the joy of random acts of destruction, found those insurgents and their bomb-making equipment. And further, what if those insurgents tried to flee and were apprehended by this same soldier? And then what if our soldier shot them to hell with no apology? Now here we have a soldier that's harder to love and easier to blame. Would HE deserve murder charges?

Hell no! I say good riddance, and too bad there weren't a few more terrorists hanging around that he could send to Allah. Then I'd give him a little medal, slap him on the back, and point him in the direction of the next nest of insurgents.