Saturday, March 19, 2005

Soft on Terrorists, Tough on GIs

Soft on terrorists, and unforgiving of our own soldiers, the liberal left has left me no doubt as to where their loyalties lie! But I can't figure out WHY?! Why on earth would any true-blooded American want to see our troops lose, want to topple America from her perch as the planet's only Superpower, and incessantly apologize to the world for our strength?

Doesn't that sound like the agenda of an enemy? Isn't that what our forefathers would call TREASON?

The liberal media continues to tattle on our soldiers, avidly seeking any mistake they can magnify and decry around the world. And our politicans, too. Sifting, sifting, sifting through daily ops and word-of-mouth reports, our politicians, with ever a keen eye toward political positioning, try to manage this war as if they have a clue!

It's excruciating to watch our leaders micromanage this thing to death. Let our military do what it does best - and all will be well. The micromanagement of war by politicians was what turned Vietnam into a debacle. We never lost that war - we just...left. What a betrayal of everything our soldiers fought and died for over there! Is it too much for our politicians to learn from history and not repeat past mistakes?!

What infuriates me today is the impossibly high double standard that the Leftist activists, the media, and our politicians hold our young soldiers to. Our soldiers are not granted even the barest benefit of the doubt. Terrorists are given more credence and leeway and excuses than our own troops. Look at the excuses our media spouts for the Iraqi insurgents and their "reasons" for homicide bombings - as if they were legitimate! Even Saddam Hussein has a crack team of high-roller American lawyers committed to his defense! (Would those same lawyers spend one minute in the defense of LT Pantano, I wonder?) And yet the media and leftists will shred our troops at the merest misstep, misjudgment, or mistake. Our troops are living under the harshest of physical conditions, with daily combat stress, fighting a guerilla war unlike any other, facing death and danger every day, and the armchair quarterbacks here at home sneeringly jump on any perceived flaw.

Look at the furor over the recent mud wrestling incident. Our media and politicians jumped all over that as if it's not happening on college campuses and Spring Break beaches all over America. American college students, living the plushest of lives, behave many times worse, and our soldiers (the same age) are crucified for comparatively PG-13 behavior. I'm not saying that it was the best judgment call for those particular soldiers, but good god, they're bored, stressed, and blowing off some steam. It became front page news around the world... and yet it's not newsworthy! Let their CO cuss 'em out for any breach of conduct - it didn't need to become a global SCANDAL!

What about the officer who fired a pistol next to a terrorist's head to frighten him into revealing valuable information? It worked - freaked the terrorist out! - an ambush was thwarted, lives were saved... and the officer was strung up on charges. The terrorist's still alive, not a SCRATCH on him - but what about our soldiers that aren't? Our soldiers are being bombed to bits and everyone's upset that this guy got SCARED?!

Dare I mention the "torture" of Abu Ghraib? Naked pyramids, panties on the head, dog collars, etc. Before anyone jumps on me - NO, I don't condone bad behavior. Our soldiers are by and large the most honorable in the world, and I was disheartened to see their fine reputation besmirched by the base actions of a few. I recognize that Americans are certainly held to the HIGHEST of standards by the rest of the world (who doesn't always feel similarly inclined to adhere to those same principles). But Abu Ghraib hardly warranted the global furor - especially considering the beheadings going on those same weeks. Comparatively, our soldiers were treated AS IF they were worse than the terrorists murdering civilian men and women - but the differential gap was monumentally VAST. The global media "outcry" (what there was of it) over those beheadings was DROWNED OUT by the outcry against our soldiers. Sarcastically speaking, the terrorists may want to rethink their publicity strategy in the future: with a few pairs of panties and a few nudie shots, maybe they'll get that global attention they're craving!

Ok, enough of my soapbox. But damn, I wish our media, politicians, and the rest of the world would cut our guys some slack. They're doing a tough, thankless job - under the direst of circumstances - with honor and excellence. No one else on the planet could accomplish what America's military does!! Our soldiers need to keep their heads up -they are UNMATCHED in the world!