Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rabid idiocy in Seattle

If you hadn't already heard, some veteran officers of the Iraq war were invited to a high-school in Seattle to participate in a "fair and balanced" discussion of the war. [See, if I were them, warning bells would've been clanging!] They were met with an unexpectedly offensive display of anti-military sentiment that rivals the debacles of the 60s! I said it myself earlier in this blog [see comment #2], that I fear we're headed down that path. I just didn't think we'd get there this soon!!!

Michelle Malkin has blogged a great entry about this travesty, and I wanted to post it here too. She's received a first hand account from Maj. Thomas of what went on:

By March 24, 2005 01:35 PM

For those of you who have been following the Seattle anti-war school spectacle we've been blogging about for the past week (see here and here), there are new developments. I just got off the phone with Maj. Terry Thomas, who was in attendance at the moonbat assembly at West Seattle High School. He'll be meeting with the Seattle School Board president today to discuss the controversy.

As you'll recall, three veterans including Maj. Thomas were invited to speak at what was supposed to be a fair and balanced presentation on the war in Iraq. Instead, they were confronted on the high school theater stage with figures costumed as Iraqi men, women and children splashed with blood.

Here's a reminder of how Maj. Thomas described the scene:

As I stood there in my Marine Corps Dress Blue uniform, there before me stood
numerous kids running around in sloppily dressed and ill-fitted helmets and
military fatigues with utter disrespect for the symbols and uniforms of the U.S.
military. The walls were covered in camouflaged netting and the stage was
covered with approximately twenty white, life-sized cut-out patterns in the
shape of dead women and children, all of which were splattered in red-paint to
depict human blood. Onstage, children were kneeling and weeping while dressed in
ill-fitted Arabic headdress with white-faced masks similarly covered in red
paint to depict human blood. At a podium, children were reading a monologue of
how U.S. troops were killing civilians and shooting at women and children.
Moreover, several grown adults were standing on stage in bright orange
jump-suits, with black bags on and off their heads, some bound and tied, and
some banging symbols and gongs in a crude depiction of what I believe were their
efforts to depict victims of the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse episode.

Within the auditorium, numerous adults appeared to have been supervising this behavior and children were literally running amok. What is going on in your classrooms and auditoriums? Who supervised this program? Who are these grown adults dressed as prisoners and performing such the antics on the stage of our public schools? Since when has it become Seattle School Board policy to take an official anti-troops position and declare returning combat veterans from Iraq such as myself as killers of innocent women and children as if this war were some sick sport. As an Iraq war veteran I am outraged by what I witnessed going on at West Seattle High School!

"It was the classic, Vietnam War-era baby-killer stuff," Maj. Thomas told me this morning. Outside anti-war groups had "free reign" on campus, Maj. Thomas recounted. And contrary to the initial defense of school officials, it WAS NOT just unsupervised kids who came up with and executed the idea for the assembly.

As principal Susan Dersé acknowledged in a letter sent home to parents [pardon my interjection here, but her letters are weak and contain the typical "I'm sorry for YOUR misunderstanding". Huh? I think if I saw what Maj. Thomas saw, there'd be no way to misunderstand!], the assembly "was organized by students with the guidance of faculty advisors and administrators."

Which advisors? Which administrators? Maj. Thomas and others are demanding accountability from school officials, but so far we have no names. An apology from the unhinged adults who allowed this shameless exercise to occur is in order as well.

Maj. Thomas told me this incident "shows to what depths the radical anti-war movement will go to invade our public schools and lash out at returning Iraq war veterans like myself." It's a travesty.

Take action:
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Update: LGF reproduces responses people are getting from the principal.