Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our Military Defense

It's as much psychological as it physical - our military's global reputation for superiority. Probably the only other armed service on earth with as deadly a reputation is Israel's. And that reputation stands as the first line of defense against our enemies. Yet our media hounds the heels of soldiers looking for faults or scandals, our politicians muck up the process of securing and stabilizing Iraq, and pseudo-intellectuals in America protest the scapegoat - the American soldier.

In spite of it all, the troops press forward in the job that's set before them - and accomplish in months what it has historically taken years and even decades to do! Thus, they solidify their dominant reputation and our enemies sit up and take warning.

The military defends us by portraying a strong, indefatigable, and unconquerable strength. Our enemies would attack us in a heartbeat if they thought they could win. Because of our porous borders, and the civil freedoms to which we've become accustomed, and the fact that the enemy lives among us - there's not much deterrent other than our military strength.

We in America have enjoyed peace not because we are weak or pacifist, but because we are strong and have superior firepower. (We've taken our security for granted for so long now that the few breaches we've suffered have shaken our national psyche to the core.) If our enemies perceive a weakness (disunity, disloyalty, abandonment of purpose, no heart to follow through or win, worsening morale, etc.), then they'll move in for the kill - like hyenas dogging a lion.

As I've said earlier, in terms of importance, all other national issues (economic, social, political) are peripheral and subject to our military defense. They mean nothing if terrorism overwhelms our society. Life as we know it today is a result of our military's prowess and is safeguarded only for as long as our military maintains that dominance.

So next time you pass by a military protester, keep in mind that if that protester had his way, our military would be weak, toothless, and impotent. And then who would stand in the way of our enemies? No one - unless that insipid protester cares to step up to the plate. Since THAT would never happen, I suggest you remind that useless protester that our military ensures his security, just by existing and being the best.