Sunday, March 20, 2005


Before the Pantano forum shut down, there were some dissenters to the Iraq war who said that our soldiers were in NO WAY defending freedom. Of course, I just HAD to respond...

Dick asked earlier who is our military defending? "Not me," he proclaimed, as did a few other people. He said he can defend himself and doesn't need the military to do it for him. Well, I disagree with the opinion that our military exists only to line corporate pockets or some such myopic conspiracy theory. There is a much bigger (and long-term) picture than even that of the current conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Our military's reputation is the only thing standing in the gap between us and an overwhelming tide of guerrilla warfare. To think that Charles standing out in a cornfield in Utah to defend his own family, or Dick alone standing guard over his, will in any way avert catastrophe on a national scale is laughably naive and shortsighted. Any person who doesn't see the paramount NEED for a strong military force - one more powerful than any other in the world - has no concept of the causal nexus of global stratagems. Even if you disagree with the war in Iraq, you must concede that it now must be WON, because more is at stake than just losing face on the stage of global politics. The goodwill of France or Germany means nothing in the face of the terrorist attacks we will suffer if our enemies perceive us as weak, dissolute, or vulnerable. Like hyenas dogging a lion, they'll move in for the kill as soon as we weaken and falter.

Survival of the fittest - not of the's an irrefutable fact of life. Our military is necessary to our defense and to be "anti-military" is to stick your head in the sand and ignore the historical evidence of that fact of life.

And since our military is purely VOLUNTARY, those that serve (and have served) deserve everyone's gratitude for preserving America IN FREEDOM. It hasn't happened by accident!