Monday, March 28, 2005

Mexicans Booed Americans at World Cup and chanted "Osama"

The Mexican crowd booed our national anthem at the CONCACAF World Cup before the start of the soccer game. Some fans chanted "Osama, Osama" before play started and again after the Americans' first goal. Other protesters outside tried to burn the American flag, but ended up trampling it.

I don't know about you, but this is utterly maddening! They want our jobs, our free education, our medical care, our amnesty, our citizenship; and yet they descecrate our flag, and cheer our enemies! I have so much to say about this I find myself unable to say anything at all! (Anything civil, that is.)

Mexico is SO NOT WORTH the accord President Bush upholds with their leader, and the concessions we continue to make to their demands. I wish we would actually DO something that would EARN their hostility and disrespect! Let's deport the law-breaking illegals back to their barrios and say, "Sorry, the American gravy train is now closed." Let them boo us then, and it will be so sweetly WORTH IT!