Thursday, March 31, 2005

LT Pantano's Congressional Support

Things have been crazy for awhile, both at home and nationally. People are upset and bothered by the Schiavo situation, the Illegal Immigration problem, NAFTA2, and so on. But I don't want anyone to forget that in the month of April, LT Pantano's Article 32 hearings begin. Please keep him in mind, folks.

As an item of note, I know that you all know that Congressman Walter Jones of N.C. has introduced a bill to drop murder charges against LT Pantano. This has been out in the news for some time. But I thought maybe you'd like to read his words for yourself. It's succinct, thorough, matter-of-fact, and compelling:

Expressing the Sense of the House of Representatives, with respect to Second Lieutenant Ilario Pantano, United States Marine Corps