Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It took him12 days to figure out this photo op

Wish I'd placed odds on his showing up! Ever alert for any chance to get his mug in the news, Jesse Jackson cautiously navigated the political landmines surrounding Terri Schiavo's deathwatch today. This must've been a tough one for him; after all, this is the headlining story of the month and a perfect photo op, but how to interject himself without alienating the MSM he's trying to schmooze?! It may have taken him 12+ days to figure out the angle, but the old media hound knew a headline when he smelled one.

But sorry Rev, I'm not buyin' it. Too little, way too late.

Jackson showing up in the 11th hour is like my husband coming to ask me if he can help with the dishes, after I'm already done. Carefully timed so that he gets brownie points for showing up, but after it's too late to actually DO anything! :) LOL

Nice huggy-huggy photo and story here: My Way News (That was the objective, after all! Mission accomplished.)