Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Home Depot agrees to give Mexicans preference when hiring

Ah yes, my second home - Home Depot. We've been remodeling for 6 months now, and I spend a LOT of time at Home Depot. It's convenient - only 4 minutes away. But dang it - now I've got to drive 20 minutes away to Lowe's because I'll be damned if I spend one more dollar in Home Depot!!

Yet another example of turn-coat American businesses that I can no longer do business with. The CEO of Home Depot has entered into an agreement with La Raza (?!) to give preferential treatment to Mexicans in its hiring practices. The Home Depot CEO spins the story with a mouthful of crap about diversity of thought and cultural backgrounds. Then a lackey follows up and says, "We've seen explosive growth in the Hispanic community," [no shit?!] "We see it as reshaping America, including the face of business." And that's a good thing?! What it really does is reshape America into a Mexican barrio at the expense of American workers!!!

The agreement with Home Depot means violating the U.S. Immigration law by taking illegals now congregated in the parking lot and giving them jobs within Home Depot. And who do you think won't be working in that Home Depot job? You got it - an American!

So what's that BS about illegals only working the jobs no one else wants? Last I heard, Home Depot was near the top of the list for most desirable places to work. And now they're just going to hand that on a platter to illegals.

G.T.H., Home Depot. You've seen the last of my AMEX!

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