Sunday, March 20, 2005

Female-led Service Irks Muslims in Mideast

A woman led an islamic service in the US. Many muslims don't like it. What's their prudent answer? Bomb threats! Yeah, these are really rational people.

I've read the Koran, just for my own understanding of a religion that is totally out of hand and causing death and destruction in dozens of countries around the world. (BTW, why is it that Muslims are involved in every single war that's going on in the world right now? Doesn't that say something...?) The Koran is not all sweetness and light to begin with, but in the hands of men, it is distorted into a tool for the suppression and subjugation of women. Of course, I'd agree that Islam is not the only religion to have done this, but it's the only one today that will KILL to preserve such doctrines. So what are these Muslim men so afraid of? Rampant lust in their prayer services incited by the sight of a heavily bundled female form? Unbridled sexual displays triggered by a glimpse of a woman's hair? There is such pathology inherent to Islam, that even the so-called moderates appear extreme to me.

Here's the article: Female-led U.S. service irks Muslims in Mideast