Sunday, March 20, 2005

Don't make me go back there!!!

I've had personal experince living as an American in Mexico - yeah, that was fun. I've noted a few of our experiences and contrasted it with a few odd facts concerning Mexican illegals in America...

We (my family and I) lived in Mexico for a year, working on a humanitarian aid project. In order to open a bank account, we had to have a Mexican national open one for us and remain as a signor on the account. [In our case, that helpful Mexican ended up draining all our accounts, personal and charitable!]

We were not allowed to own the land we bought and lived on, and so had to have a Mexican national hold the land in trust for us. [Same guy above, confiscated our land and the heavy construction machinery on it.] Our right to redress? None.

American corporations seeking to do business in Mexico CANNOT own the majority of their stock - a Mexican corporation must retain a 51%+ majority stakeholder position.

If an American corporation proposes a contract for work in Mexico, they sign at their own considerable risk. There are a million legal loopholes for Mexicans who default on contracts with Americans, and no redress for those hapless Americans.

An FM-3, which we had to have to legally work in Mexico, was a mammoth and lengthy process. And even still, it was subject to the whims of the Mexican national who was required to SPONSOR us!

So, here's a contrast for you:

Strange Fact: Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac issue mortgages to illegal aliens!

Strange Fact: Bank of America & Wells Fargo accept Mexican Illegal Alien ID Cards!

Strange Fact: Mexicans claim that 'immigrants' contribute $10 Billion to US Economy; divided by 10 Million illegal aliens, that works out to $1,000 each in our $10 TRILLION economy. Illegals drain California $5 Billion per year. After nationwide costs of illegals are factored in, illegals are most certainly an economic loss for the USA! If Mexicans were an economic gain, wouldn't Mexico keep them?