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Behind the Lines

I know we've got a lot of vet readers at ER, and I thought you guys might be interested in hearing about the latest military project we've become invested in!

Behind the Lines: The Journal of U.S. Military Special Operations

In 1992, two brothers who had served in Vietnam, Mike & Gary Linderer, had a vision to produce a publication solely for the Special Operations community and those who served in support of it. Mike had served in military intelligence during Vietnam and Gary was a LRRP Ranger in the 101st Airborne Division. Gary is the successful published author of numerous Vietnam War books such as the Phantom Warrior series, Eyes Behind the Lines, Eyes of the Eagle, and Six Silent Men - all books recounting the missions of the LRRPs in Vietnam.

The Linderers' vision for Behind the Lines was a published journal of declassified covert operations and special missions written or recounted by the men who were there. They started as a newsprint-style publication and along the way, they established a strong staff of writers, their subscriber base swelled with very loyal readers, Gary took over as sole publisher, and the format evolved into an 80-page magazine with color.

Unfortunately, at the peak of its success in 1998, with big plans in the works for a digital edition magazine and website, BTL went dark. And to this day, there has been no other publication that filled the void - none that catered to the written and oral accounts of the Special Ops community and the unique impact they've had on modern warfare.

Until now.

This year, Gary's vision for an online digital edition of Behind the Lines magazine has been realized. The all-new BTL is spiffed up for the digital age but with many of the original authors and some new ones, and all new content. The first new issue was launched on 9/11-a date that is an ever-present reminder that there is still a mission to accomplish, and a war to be won. Thus, the focus of Behind the Lines remains the same, a tool whereby the warriors of the past can pass along their wisdom, insight, humor, and lessons learned to their peers as well as the younger generation of warriors.

If you would like to subscribe for the low '98 rates, please click here. Better yet, if you would like to contribute, either a Letter to the Editor or your own SpecOps story, please contact BTL at publish@btlmagazine.net. New content is always welcome!

For more info: info@btlmagazine.net.


Monday, May 01, 2006

Guard the Borders Blogburst

By Heidi at Euphoric Reality

Today is the much ballyhooed Day Without Latinos......otherwise known as Nothing Gringo Day...officially (yes, as in politically-official) known as the Great American Boycott of 2006: No Shopping, No School, No Work.

Amboy Times has some helpful advice for the title of these strikes/boycotts/stick-it-in your-eye rallies: "I recommend a less confrontational title, perhaps 'Bite The Hand That Feeds You Day' or how about boycotting all the free medical care, schools, and other government services? They could call it 'No Payroll Taxation Means No Government benefits Day' - hmm...a bit wordy, that one...”

Whatever the name, illegal aliens (presumably of Latino descent only, since this is all about THEM, nevermind the hundreds of thousands of illegals from Ireland, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, etc.) intend to show us that THEY are the engine that drives the American economy. They hope to wreak havoc on our economy to prove that we can never live a day without them because "THEY are America."

Pro-immigration activists say a nationwide boycott and marches planned for May 1 will flood Americas's streets with millions of Latinos to demand amnesty for illegal immigrants and shake the ground under Congress as it tackles reform.
"There will be 2 to 3 million people hitting the streets in Los Angeles alone. We're going to close down Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Tucson, Phoenix, Fresno," said Jorge Rodriguez, a union official who helped organize earlier rallies credited with rattling Congress as it debates the issue.

Organizers of the May Day marches, which have strong support from big labor and the Roman Catholic church, vow that America's major cities will grind to a halt and its economy will stagger as Latinos walk off their jobs and skip school.

Various city leaders, contrary to their appointed duties, are having the opposite kind of reaction you'd expect. In the spirit of truly compassionate sycophants, they plan to aid and abet the lawbreakers:

Teachers' unions in major cities have said children should not be punished for walking out of class. A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Unified School District said school principals had been told that they should not try to keep students in class but instead should walk with the children to help keep order.

In Chicago, Catholic priests have helped organize protests, sending information to all 375 parishes in the archdiocese.

Personally, while I don't like it, I have to thank them for spitting in America's face over and over. That bitter froth is starting to wake up the apathetic to just how wrong everything is. As Right As Usual points out: "The more the Aliens gain 'strength', the more natives get their backs up. Take a hint, Pedro - you DON'T have the right to petition the government - it isn't YOUR government. That's a right granted to CITIZENS of the USA."

BobGriggs.com voices the sentiment of an ever-growing contingent of appalled Americans:

"I have finally reached the boiling point on illegal immigration. We are a nation of laws, including those that control how visitors can enter this country, how long they can stay and how they can become permanent citizens. I expect those visitors to obey the same laws that citizens are expected to follow; and I expect my government to enforce the law when those visitors choose to ignore it.

It’s bad enough when the invaders (and that’s what they are) sneak across the border by night, then hide in the undocumented crevices of society. It is quite another thing to then demand, by the light of day, that their lawlessness be excused. Such have been the marches staged across the nation and in my Capitol– thousands of lawbreakers protesting my representatives’ efforts to control our borders and stop the lawlessness.

It angers me when the interlopers so brazenly demand the protection of the same law that they flaunted with their very first steps on American soil. My blood boiled as I watched student illegals skip the classes that you and I paid for to protest that you and I aren’t doing enough. I fumed as I watched illegals, waving the Mexican flag, insist that I 'treat them like Americans'.”

Kit at Euphoric Reality reports that Tulsa is planning a HUGE rally for immigrants where cooperation with the masses and the enabling of lawbreakers is the order of the day. Event organizers, having learned from previous rallies that defiant Mexican flag-waving is counter-productive to their claims that "We are Americans, too", has urged participants to only carry U.S. flags and "wear white as a symbol of hope". They are also referring to their movement as A Day Without Immigrants. Yes, yet another rally nickname, but this one apparently aims to be more generically "inclusive".

...CSA (American Dream Coalition, or Coalicion del Sueño Americano) President, Rev. Victor Orta II, said that arrangements had been made with Tulsa Public Schools, Broken Arrow Schools, and Union School District for high school students to be allowed to leave at 1:30 p.m. in order to give parents the opportunity to take their children to the rally if they wish.
Orta also wished to dispel rumors in Tulsa's Latino community that the Tulsa Police Department (TPD) is planning on using the event as a way to corral undocumented individuals, or that federal immigration officers would be undercover at the rally.

"I spoke personally with [acting Police Chief] Bill Wells," Orta said, "and he assured me that a policy was established several years ago that 'no officer of ours is allowed to ask anyone for immigration papers, and that policy has not changed'."

Orta described his discussions as being "very positive," adding that [Police Chief] Wells will be a podium guest and possibly a speaker at the rally, and the only police presence at the May 1 event is to be for security reasons. Orta is scheduled to meet with Sheriff Stanley Glanz this week to work out similar arrangements with county officers.

Tulsa Community College (TCC) has volunteered the free use of its downtown parking lots for rally attendees in another sign of the cooperative spirit many organizations in the community are showing in what is seen as perhaps the most critical time in the history of Latino immigration.

Whoops - there it is again - Latinos only, I guess. It is all about THEM, after all. Fortunately, contradicting Reverend Orta's assurances, an eyewitness trucker one hour south of Tulsa reported seeing 30 ICE vehicles and approximately 10 white government buses heading north toward the city tonight. Are the government vehicles carrying refreshments for the rallying masses or dare we hope that our government has plans to do the right thing?

Similarly, Right on the Right wonders if something is brewing in LA. Another eyewitness spotted something hopeful - go here to find out what he saw - and approached an officer:

"I asked one of the deputies what the deal was, and he said 'The deal with what? I don't see anything.'

This boycott tomorrow in L.A. is going to get very interesting. Did anyone else notice that the cops are being really nice in helping to block off streets and herd people into certain areas? The planned route down Wilshire from MacArthur park to La Brea is easily an area that could be cordoned off with the right amount of troops and some strategic planning.

Viva La Revolucion my ass!!!!"

One has to wonder if anyone has remembered to tell the California legislators that they're coddling a huge mass of people who are lawbreakers to a man! They seem to have forgotten that laws are meant to be followed, and instead they are busy issuing obsequious statements of support.

Pamibe reports that "California’s state senators on Thursday endorsed Monday’s boycott of schools, jobs and stores by illegal immigrants and their allies as supporters equated the protest with great social movements in American history:
By a 24-13 vote that split along party lines, the California Senate approved a resolution that calls the one-day protest the Great American Boycott 2006 and describes it as an attempt to educate Americans “about the tremendous contribution immigrants make on a daily basis to our society and economy.”

So I have to ask the obvious: with civic leaders, law enforcement officers, and lawmakers like that, who needs laws??? Apparently, not America.

Make no mistake, the immigration reform being debated endlessly in the Senate is NOT what the illegals really want. It's too complicated, too much work, and will cost a fine – so forget that! Besides, if they cared so much about citizenship, they'd have at least started paperwork somewhere. Remember the illegals I interviewed during the last pro-illegal rally? None of them in 5, 10, or 15 years had ever bothered to apply for citizenship. Too hard, too much work. And why bother - when they get what they want without it?! American citizenship is NOT what really matters to illegal aliens. What is sacred and meaningful to true Americans is nothing more, to them, than convenient access to the world's largest labor market. That's it.

But nevermind, because "earned citizenship", as President Bush cozily calls it, will not cut it anyways. Illegal aliens and their advocates don't have any intention of settling for having to earn their way, no matter how easy the Senate reform may make it for them. They want ever-so-much MORE than that!

"We want full amnesty, full legalization for anybody who is here (illegally)," Rodriguez said. "That is the message that is going to be played out across the country on May 1."

Ace In The Hole acknowledges the blatant slap in the face:

"And so it goes... Want in one hand and SPIT in the other...

If our politicians and lawmakers want to keep their jobs, they'd better remember THIS: there's a hell of a lot more than 12 million AMERICANS that ARE here legally, and we VOTE...

Short of taking to the street and engaging in ARMED confrontation, the voting booth is our ONLY option, but something else the politicians had better consider, there are MANY Americans, right now, that are armed and ready, this nation is on the verge of open hostilities, armed conflict committed by our CITIZENS against ILLEGAL INVADERS, and I can't say that this is at all an unimaginable option to be honest about it...

IF the PRESIDENT of the USA would do his job, instead of kissing every Mexican ass he can find, this could ALL be avoided...

Close the border, deport the ILLEGAL INVADERS and restore order to this nation... Wake up President Bush, YOU are personally destroying the southwestern United States with YOUR inaction and incompetent administration of this nation...

Mr. Bush had better decide which side of this fight he's on, because at the moment, it appears he's damn sure on the side of the Mexicans and IF the voters of the USA have ANY sense at all, we will vote OUT any politician that supports Mr. Bush on this amnesty debacle, no matter WHICH party they belong to..."

Frustration with our do-nothing government abounds. Publius Rendezvous states: "The debates within our Senate pertaining to illegal immigration do nothing but illustrate what many have ascertained for quite some time - our Senators know how we feel on this issue, but have blatantly ignored our concerns. What has been glossed over by our 'thorough' MSM is that Congress' approval ratings are worse than President Bush's. And, I assert that their utter disregard for our sentiments directly correlates with such."

AmboyTimes asks: "So what can a poor gringo do? How about 'Nothing Mexican Day'? ...Our leaders in government may be spineless, but we still have control over our own spending, and we can send a message to illegals and the Mexican government that we're not going to take this lying down. There is no reason why this won't work, and we can do it (si ,se puede) without protesting, breaking laws, race-baiting or even calling names."
BobGriggs.com has taken that concept even further and suggests 'Nothing Mexican on Cinco de Mayo'. As seen on Fox and Friends: "This year, Cinco de Mayo will be a celebration of my hope that America will repulse the current invasion of illegal aliens. I will not patronize my favorite Mexican restaurant nor any other Hispanic-owned or “Mexican-themed” business on May 5 or the week thereafter. Neither will I employ the services of any company that I know to employ illegal aliens. If you feel as frustrated and as voiceless as I do, please join me in my mini-protest and support America’s sovereignty with your dollars on Friday, May 5."

The Independent Conservative respectfully disgarees:

"I must say that while I feel his anger, given we live in the same county that is loaded with illegals. I think his response should be a little more measured than an all out boycott of all that has Mexican heritage. The protesters that favor illegal immigration are not representative of all Mexicans. While far too many are on their side, we should be careful not to respond to their anti-American/anti-White actions by treating all Mexicans as if they are in agreement with the activity of the Mexican protesters.

So how does one separate those who are in league with condoning illegal activity, from those who do not? Simple, you ask. Just as I’ve shown via my own actions, I think all Americans should strive to do the same every day. I know it may not be doable for all purchases, but try as best you can to always only support businesses that do not employ illegals and do not take part in these protests.

I think instead of boycotting a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Mayo, that it would have a far greater impact if Americans walked into a Mexican restaurant, asked to speak to the owner and asked 'were you open on May 1?' If they say no, then leave. Also ask 'do you employ illegals?' If they say yes, then leave. That will show them you are serious about taking your money elsewhere. And alternatively, you might find a business owned by people who have Mexican heritage, but wish to be 100% American and respect our laws."

Kender's Musings has yet another perspective, one I call the "Stay Home and Stay Stupid" strategy:

"I agree with this boycott...because [it] is going to backfire on these people, and the disruption they cause to millions of LEGAL CITIZENS who, in the course of living their legal lives of doing their duty to make this country great are going to have to endure millions of whiny criminals and their supporters blocking the streets and taking up airtime on our TV's, making their day that much harder.

Anyone that takes the day off to protest should be fired. But that may only happen in a handful of cases. On the other hand, this protest is going to hurt the educations of the kids that are out in the middle of this, and that is fine by me.

Outlined below is my support for this boycott. As far as I am concerned these people can boycott for the rest of their lives. They are much cheaper to hire when they are legal citizens without a decent education.

I Agree with the Boycott

That's right, I agree with the boycott.

Especially for the kids.

Everybody listen up, on May 1st stay home from school.

Do NOT go to school. Stay home and sleep, go protest and work on that car in your driveway while hanging clothes on the line tied between the apartment building and the dead tree, and I will tell you why:

Because when you stay home from school your school loses valuable money that is used to educate your stupid asses, and maybe if your education drops to a low enough level you will be forever stuck cleaning the toilets, washing the cars and mowing the lawns of the people that know what it means to be an American, and your lower economic status will be assured, hence your power in society will be limited to threatening to leave the rest of us with long grass and dirty dishes at the restaurant.

Jarhead's Firing Range agrees with the boycott too, but for different reasons:

"Illegal immigrants plan feeble attempt to strike back at the hand that feeds them. Border jumping criminals are rallying behind a plan to boycott all things American on May 1st. This will include not going to work, and not spending money at any American owned business establishments. It will also be carried out inside the cesspool known as Mexico.

These idiots fail to realize that American owned companies are the largest source of employment in Mexico. They whine that the wages paid there are not enough. -Then don't take the job?

As far as their boycott here in the states, I'm all for it. I hope that those that employ these criminals will actually be hurt by this. Perhaps they'll not hire criminals in the future. Hopefully, every illegal that doesn't go to work on May 1st will be fired. I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen though."

Speaking of protests south of the border, Independent Conservative points out that if the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico keeps this up, they might end up causing the pro-illegal crowd to realize that their massive protests have been the best recruiting tool for all of us who wish to send illegals back over the border:

US Lobbyists Denounce Mexico’s ‘Nothing Gringo’ Boycott (WSJ.com registration required to view the entire article)

“This is like shooting oneself in the foot,” Rubin said. “U.S. companies have been the first to lobby, launching a huge lobbying effort for immigration reform. … Why hurt something that is helping you?”

South of the border, Mexicans are targeting American stores and chain restaurants - “That means no Dunkin’ Donuts, no McDonald’s (MCD), Burger King (BKG.XX), Starbucks (SBUX), Sears (SHLD), Krispy Kreme (KKD) or Wal-Mart (WMT),” reads one email making the rounds.

Wal-Mart/Walmex is the biggest private employer in Mexico. Huge shocker there, huh? Wal-Mart is like the slum lord of the planet.

Amber and Chaos offers sound advice for furious Americans watching the legislative branch of our government get hi-jacked: "If you are angry as I am about the demonstrations going on [today], then [today] is the time to express your outrage. Write your Senators and Congressperson...do something that could, potentially, put some backbone into our congresspeople on the issue of Immigration Reform. Tell them that if they do NOT vote for a strong secure-border plan, nothing else they do has any meaning for you, and you are going to vote against them, when you get a chance."

While you’re at it, remind them of our laws. Woman Honor Thyself has a quick synopsis of the laws our lawmakers are so willing to overlook [Title 8:Section 1325. Improper entry by alien]: "Know THE LAW, my dear friends. Knowledge is power. What part of LAW do the folks up in Washington and the lefty do-gooders fail to comprehend?"

Meanwhile, A Cool Change has his own plans for boosting the economy that will supposedly be staggering without the contributions of illegal aliens: "Illegal aliens and their supporters have been urged not to buy anything on May 1 to demonstrate just how important they are economically to the United States. (So they buy extra on April 30 or wait until May 2. Big deal.) I’m participating in my own way. I’ve been postponing a much needed trip to Sam’s Warehouse for about two weeks now, and boy do I have one heck of a shopping list."

Third World County scoffs at how seriously the illegal alien lobby takes itself: "... the boycott scheduled for tomorrow in support of Reconquista is B.S.... BTW, I’ve scheduled a shopping trip for tomorrow (May 1). I figure it’s time I bought some Mexican flags to burn on May 5."

On a related subject, Freedom Folks reacts with epithet-laced fury to a Hispanic Marine who has defiantly chosen to side with lawbreakers:
"If any American serviceperson finds their loyalties divided they are in the wrong goddamn job!
I reiterate, should you find your loyalties divided, here's a thought...Get the fuck out! Go back to the country you seem to feel an allegiance for. When you don that uniform you become an exemplar, what that means, and I'm gonna type this slow because clearly you're an idiot, is you cannot then wave your fucking uniform as a banner for LAW-BREAKING, you ignorant sack of shit!!

If you think I'm being too hard on this individual, I would retort -- I don't think I'm being hard enough. When you swear an oath it either means something or it doesn't, if it doesn't mean anything to you that tells me you are a faithless motherfucker not worth pissing on if you were on fire.

I truly cannot tell you how upset I am with this "Marine." This alleged "hero." Because to me when you start advocating for law-breaking you lose hero status pretty goddamn fast.

Is this the price of granting the children of illegals entrance into the proud tradition of the most fearsome fighting machine in the history of mankind? That we must grant them special --above the law -- privileges?

That price is too high for any nation to pay and remain a strong nation.

Quietly, but presciently, Bear Creek Ledger reminds us of some serious national security concerns and cautions us that amid all the hullaballoo, we are still perilously vulnerable: “As Senators and the Administration diddle over amnesty for illegal aliens (which will include members of Hezbollah and MS-13) they are leaving our US borders unprotected. There is no intent by these Senators to stop the flow of illegal aliens over the border thereby ignoring the National Security of our country. All the Republican Senators consider is supposedly "cheap" labor and the Democrats are trolling for votes. Guess with the first suicide bomber (if that truly is the first) all the same Senators will come out pointing the finger at anyone but themselves. I think as we will see in the coming weeks Rep. Hastert will also abandon any veneer of protecting the borders by the House of Representatives."

That is, unfortunately, a very probable prediction.

So...now you know what the Guard the Borders Bloggers think about this, and what some plan to do about it. What about you?


This has been a production of the Guard the Borders Blogburst. It was started by Euphoric Reality, and serves to keep immigration issues in the forefront of our minds as we’re going about our daily lives and continuing to fight the war on terror. If you are concerned with the trend of illegal immigration facing our country, join our Blogburst! Just send an email with your blog name and url to euphoricrealitynet at gmail dot com.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Die Terrorists Die!

Iran is rattling sabers?

Al Qaeda wants a truce?

Heh...here's America's response.


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To my 4 regular readers, and any accidental visitors...


I will no longer be regularly posting new articles to this blog.
I have made the exciting decision to move over to Euphoric Reality as a full-time writer and help add a full-scale Illegal Immigration Hub. While we're working to build the new Hub (articles, eyewitness reports, pictures, video, and Minuteman updates) for eR, we're changing format and adding new features.

I know you're used to my unique *ahem* tone here at "HE!D! says...", and none of that will change. I'll still write about the things that matter most to me - our military, the War on Terrorism, and the compounding illegal immigration problem. I intend to have an impact on these issues, and consolidating my efforts at my new blog home will help further that goal.

Please change your bookmarks to point to www.euphoricreality.net.

See you over there!





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Enough already about the stupid Qurans!

Now the Israelis are accused of tearing the pages of a Quran.

How absurd is this?! Arab women can walk into a crowded restaurant and blow people to smithereens, but if a page in a Quran is torn somewhere it makes global news?! Palestinian teenagers strap explosives to their bodies, climb onto a bus, and blow themselves and everyone on board sky high, and we get outrage that a Quran is "defaced" somewhere on the frickin' planet?! I swear to God, this is the most infuriatingly absurd crap I've ever heard! This is even more stupid than decrying panties on a terrorist's head at Abu Ghraib when civilian heads are literally being sawn off in full view!!

Can I get any radical Muslim volunteers to
rampage upon viewing this "desecration"?

The militant Islamic Jihad on Wednesday presented pictures of torn copies of the Islamic holy book, the Quran, claimed they were taken inside an Israeli prison and said soldiers were responsible for the desecration. Israel denied the charge and said the pictures were a fabrication.

"Presented"? To whom? A reporter of course. As if anyone but the mentally disordered care! Really - first of all, who gives a flyin' rip? Everyone knows these "atrocities" are regularly staged events. These prisoners deface their own Qurans in an attempt to set someone up. I'm still waiting for them to get struck by Allah's lightning, but so far, no such luck. And second of all, what if it DID happen? Will someone please grow a pair of balls and say, "Yep - we did it, and who gives a damn?"

It's enough to make me go out and buy a Quran just to tear it up and "present" it as toilet paper in my local BBQ dive. [Hey, I just did a quick check on eBay. Did you know that you can buy an official "Holy Quran" for $14.95 and less? And there's some antique 17th century Quran crap starting at a mere $50. There's even a few No Reserve penny auctions for this "holy" stuff. Tsk. Tsk. Some Muslims aren't revering their "holy" stuff very well, if they're peddling it online in the Great Satan's favorite flea market!]

This makes me ponder...I'd like to take a moment to earnestly suggest a universal 'Deface a Quran' Day - kinda like 'Hug a Tree' Day, but a lot more fun. They're cheap...they're everywhere...we could even have a universal cook-out...I'll bring the BBQ pork...
Sorry, just thinkin' out loud.

The Islamic Jihad transmitted the pictures by e-mail to a reporter in the West Bank. They show two Qurans with torn pages. The militants said prisoners took the pictures with cellular telephones sent them electronically to militant leaders.

OK, ignoring the fact that the idiot reporter thought this was news, I have to ask: how the hell do prisoners in an Israeli prison in Megiddo have camera phones - with working cellular service, no less?! Come to think of it, how come Megiddo gets working cellular service inside prison cells, but I can't get cell service inside an office building in downtown Houston?

The militants said Wednesday that soldiers desecrated six or seven Qurans as they searched Palestinian prisoners' cells... The prisoners were outside the cells at the time but could see what was going on, the Islamic Jihad militants said.

And we're supposed to believe it straight up. Or should we hold our breath while the radical Muslims of the world unite to rampage through the streets again, killing their own people? Come to think of it...if we stage enough 'Deface a Quran' days, maybe the rioting radical Muslim thing will take care of itself...

The [Israeli] authority showed reporters the book they said was at the center of the affair. The pages that were replaced were larger than those in the rest of the book, and the Prisons Authority concluded the whole matter was a fabrication by the Palestinian prisoners.

"They have staged things like this in the past," [a Prisons Authority official] said. "This is staged."

*yawn* Yes, yes, of course it was.

The pictures transmitted Wednesday showed Qurans with several pages torn in the middle. It was impossible to tell from the pictures themselves where they were taken or when.

Oooh - a deep, dark mystery. Yeah, and I'm all a-quiver to "unearth the truth".

Enough already about the stupid Qurans!

Militants Display Pictures of Torn Qurans


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Newsweek Lutefisk Story Sparks Fury Across Volatile Midwest

Uff da! It has come to this, eh?

You must read this hate-inciting article first, and then come back to read my reaction!

My reaction follows...

Born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin, I am deeply offended by this article's obvious stereotyping of ALL Midwesterners as dangerous fanatical Lutherans. The Lutheran Liberation Organization (LLO) is not a terrorism unit, dontcha know. They are merely devout men and women seeking to return the land of their fathers to its fundamentalist roots. Transplanted Lutherans around the country host bake sales and car washes to funnel money into the LLO, so that it may promote it’s agenda of Peace.

The media bias has portrayed ALL Midwestern Lutherans as violent, failing to differentiate between the fringe element and the moderates. The tragedy is that now ALL innocent Midwesterners will suffer Christian profiling. As a Midwesterner living quietly in Texas, I’ve already suffered the stares, the nudges, the looks wherever I go. People study me for clues of my religious preference. I know they’re wondering if I’m just a plain Midwesterner or from the fundamentalist Missouri Synod. They are afraid that I might snap and go into a violent Polka or Chicken Dance!

Oh ya sure, the “fringe element” managed to ransack the entire Midwest region, but after all, it’s really because they’ve been oppressed and mistreated for so long by the steady encroachment of the Southern Baptists - who should’ve known better and stayed below the Mason-Dixon line! Not to mention the fact that the Methodists and Episcopalians have actually defiled the carefully manicured neighborhood blocks by placing their own houses of worship on opposite corners. I mean, the Catholics even STOLE Bingo night and have seduced the elderly into their cathedrals on Friday nights when everyone knows that is the sacred Friday Night Fish Fry!! Is it any wonder there is no peace, eh? How on earth are the Lutherans, after being oppressed for so many decades, supposed to live in peace and harmony with infidels, eh?

Furthermore, to add grave insult to injury, the presence of the evil war-mongering California National Guard is proof of an insidous conspiracy for the environmentalists to rape the land of its wheat and corn! Everyone knows how much grain those hippies eat! And corn! They need more and more crops to support their depraved vegan lifestyles. Especially now that their bagels have gotten so huge, and rely on only whole grain wheat! This is really all about WAR FOR WHEAT! Oh ya, you betcha!

Lord knows, it’s been a trial, and the Lutherans have suffered greatly, dontcha know. It really would be best for the world, if they are given the land for their own. Oh ya, the world owes it to them! In fact, though I am a moderate Midwesterner and not at all part of that tiny fringe group of fanatical Lutherans, I certainly do understand their reaction. It is everyone else’s fault, fer pete’s sake!!

Oh, ya hey dere: if you disagree with me, then you’re a hate-monger and a racist.


UPDATE: For a richer understanding of the build-up of violence in the Midwest, please read this background article on the origination of tensions:

Hat tip: Euphoric Reality


Saturday, June 04, 2005

Unite to Fight Summit - Las Vegas

Here is an excellent inside story from a Minuteman who attended the Unite to Fight Illegal Immigration Summit in Las Vegas last weekend. Please bookmark his link to the Minuteman Party. It is a new site, still under construction, but you'll need to keep an eye on it.

Viva Las Vegas: The Minuteman Party
By Tim Donnelly
Jun 1, 2005, 22:46

Driving home from the "Unite to Fight Summit" in Las Vegas this past weekend, my friend, Gregg made a comment that summed up the entire weekend:

"They shouldn't be sitting at a table with guys like us," he said, referring to a meal we shared with John and Barbara March, parents of Deputy David March executed by an illegal alien that Mexico refuses to extradite, and Peter Gadial and Joan Molinaro, who both lost a son on 9/11.

"They should be sitting at the President's table, getting daily updates on how he is working to secure the borders and fight for justice for all their sons."

Gregg is a man of few words, but when he speaks, I have learned to listen.

We were honored to sit at the same table with those who, in spite of their staggering loss, still love this country so much, that they refuse to stop fighting.

Gregg is not an activist, but attended the conference largely at the insistence of me, his friend, a minuteman. I have become a reluctant activist simply because I can no longer sit idly by in the face of such a massive threat to the security, economy, and yes, even the very sovereignty of my beloved country, while our leaders do nothing.

I do not understand how President Bush, after hearing the heart-wrenching story of her son's execution, could look Barbara March in the eye and tell her, "We have to get this guy." And then do nothing about it. Of course, that was an election year. I guess America can put a man on the moon, put a missile into a tiny vent 9,000 miles away, put 150,000 soldiers, endless tanks and humvees on foreign shores in less than a month, but we cannot get a single policeman's murderer returned from a "friendly" nation.

It is funny how a Mexican journalist helped me to see what President Bush seems unable to see. While working my first night shift on the Naco border road, what we called Sector 5, on the Minuteman Project, a van pulled up at about 1:30 a.m. Seven journalists were carpooling, including reporters from as far away as the Chicago Tribune and as nearby as Mexico. The Tribune photographer translated for a woman from a small cable news station, whose name I never got. After answering the usual incendiary questions about why I was an armed racist, I asked her a question.

I explained to her that the average American citizen was tired of the "migrants" abusing his generosity. With hospitals closing at record rates due to illegal aliens getting treatment for which they are not required to pay, with schools being overrun, and budgets cut, and programs slashed for citizens in every district in order to have enough money to build more schools, mainly in illegal alien communities, most Americans, especially in border states, have had enough.

After explaining the frustration and suffering of the average American citizen, who watches as his government feeds, clothes, houses, and educates her people at his expense, I asked her if she had any empathy for him.

"No," she said, "I am not American."

There is an entire industry devoted to securing rights for illegal aliens. Over 500 Political Action Committees (PAC's) are lobbying my government on behalf of people who do not even have the right to be here. The American citizen concerned about illegal immigration has maybe 2 or 3 fighting PAC's for his interests - America?s interest.

After the conference ended on the drive home, he was so animated that I feared for our safety. He just reached the point where he could no longer abide tyranny. He has become an activist now and doesn't even know it yet.

He asked me what I thought our founding fathers would think of what has become of our nation.

"Sick to their stomachs," I said, and then added: "What we need are modern day George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons, and Ben Franklins."

He responded, "Yes, but all we get are modern-day Benedict Arnolds."

The rallying cry of the original Minutemen was: "Taxation without Representation." The inverse is becoming the rallying cry of the modern day Minutemen: "Representation without taxation."

We used to wonder why, no matter how often we called and wrote, our congressman never seemed to hear us, the citizen. Now we know. The will of the people, once the heart of democracy has been sold to the highest bidder, and right now, that is the open borders lobby. It should be no surprise that I receive a dozen e-mails a day from people wanting to get involved.

The Minuteman Party is an idea that was born out of that night patrol in Naco.

It is an idea whose time has come. We have formed an organization whose main purpose is to advance a single-issue agenda, as laid out by Jim Gilchrist of the Minuteman Project at the Unite to Fight Summit in Las Vegas. This idea is being advanced as the Minuteman Campaign.

Although we are a separate entity, we support it 100% and will work with any willing groups or individuals to see that it is carried out. One of the great things that came out of this weekend?s summit was that small groups springing up all across the nation are linking up and forming a powerful web. The Minuteman Campaign will serve as a single thread to tie the web together.

The idea is to hold every elected official in the country, at every level of government, whether local, state, or federal, from dog catcher to school boards to the President accountable to a simple idea: enforce our immigration laws, all of them, now. Period.

If you find yourself among the 85% of Americans who have been disenfranchised by groups that are the enemies of America, join us. If you are tired of financing the takeover of your country, join us.

If you are, in the words of Barbara March, so committed to fighting to return America to the land of our forefathers, that you are willing to "die trying," we want you.

We are looking for a few good men and women to join our party. There are no membership fees. We seek no donations. Unapologetic love of country is all that is required to join.

Go to Minuteman Party to learn more.


Tim Donnelly
California Minuteman


Friday, June 03, 2005

LT Pantano Resigns his Commission from the USMC

Today the military lost one of its finest.

LT Pantano had a hellish year defending his honor, and was finally cleared of all charges. He wanted nothing more than to pursue his passion - continuing his service to country in his beloved Marine Corps. All indicators showed that he was prepared - even eager - to re-enter combat in Iraq, despite the bruising legal battle he led against his detractors. So we were surprised, saddened and shocked when he contacted us privately and told us of his intent to resign his officer's commission and end his careeer in the USMC:

The support of your network has been tremendous and I hope you can help me express how much I still love the Corps to your vast readership. Leading Marines in battle has been the pinnacle of my professional life. There are so many things about being a Marine that I will miss now that I have submitted my resignation, but my priority must be taking care of my family after what can only be described as ‘one hell of a year’.

Molon Labe
Ilario Pantano

When Kit notified me of Ilario's email we both sat in stunned disbelief. And then waited for the rest of the world to find out the news when Pantano went public.

Today was that day. LT Pantano submitted his resignation of commission in the USMC.

I understand why Ilario has made his decision, though I deplore the mess that brought him to this point. His family has suffered greatly this year. So it's no surprise that his priority is other than himself. The AP reports his reasons:

2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano said his fight against military punishment has been draining and heartbreaking for the former Wall Street trader who fought to return to the Marines after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

"This is the best thing for my family, and I think it is the best thing for the Marine Corps, too," Pantano said Thursday.

The intense publicity generated by his case, he said, makes him a high-profile target with a resulting potential not only for danger to himself if he continues fighting but also to other Marines, Pantano said. His wife, Jill, asked that he end his military career, he said.

LT Pantano has also written a letter to Congressman Jones, his vocal supporter in Washington, expressing his gratitude. In his letter, Ilario presented the Congressman with his two most precious possessions - first, his innocence, and second, his sword.

As my family and I faced our darkest hours you fought for us, and in doing so…You fought for every man and woman in the uniform, past present and future - not because of the opportunity to challenge the military, but for the opportunity to protect it from itself.

Day and night you appealed to any that would listen. You were tireless in your defense of me, and for that I will be eternally grateful.

My family and I want to thank you for your courage and your leadership.

First, I present to you my innocence, known to you and many many others from the outset, but proven finally by our justice system after a yearlong investigation and prosecution.

And finally, from one warrior to another, I present to you my most cherished possession: my sword. My love of corps and country will never be broken or diminished, but now it is my love of family that I must honor most with my decision to resign.

Kit has written a masterful tribute to Pantano's honor and courage in service, and throughout this ordeal. If her writing doesn't move you to tears, as it did me, then I don't know what to say. Even more importantly, she expounds on the overall impact Pantano's case and subsequent resignation has had and will continue to have on the Marine Corps and other military branches. The Pantano case is truly a watershed moment in our military's history. Read Kit's words, and you'll clearly see and understand the bigger picture.

The military lost one of its finest today.
Semper Fidelis, LT Pantano.

PS: Should you wish to say anything to LT Pantano, please feel free to leave a comment here or at Euphoric Reality. LT Pantano does read our blogs and will read your comments - and we know that he is deeply grateful for your support.


Thursday, June 02, 2005

Baldwin Park - Re-cap for those who didn't know

Since the Minutemen supporters were attacked in Garden Grove on Wednesday, my post has referred to the Baldwin Park episode. I've since received a lot of requests for more information, and after I spent my time answering numerous emails, I decided it would be best to post it all in one place. The following information is a compilation of everything I could find on the Baldwin Park event, complete with photos, video clips, and eyewitness accounts.


For information on the disturbing Reconquista movement in the Southwest United States, please go here.

To understand who MEChA is, what is Aztlan, and who is La Raza, go here.

To learn how the militant Aztlan movement (also Reconquista) is openly aligned with al Q'aeda and the terrorist Islamic movement (also virulently anti-American and anti-Semitic) - don't take my word for it, read their propaganda for yourself. It's pretty sickening. That should give you a good idea of where the whole Reconquista idea came from and where it's going. Time to wake up!

I first published this article about Baldwin Park here.

When the following photos first surfaced on ALIPAC and SOS, they went under intense scrutiny because the members could hardly believe they were authentic. In fact, many speculated that the photos were Photoshopped and sent to ALIPAC in order to provoke a reactionary response that could then be publicly ridiculed. The research was careful - I was there when it was going on. SOS sent out a member to Baldwin Park to verify the existence of the monument and the veracity of the photos. Once that was determined beyond a shadow of a doubt, the outrage grew becasue the comments are more than passingly Reconquista, and therefore offensive - much in the same way the Los Angeles, MX billboard was offensive. The demonstration arose from SOS's desire to publicize this monument and its meaning, since all correspondence to the town's leadership was unanswered. I personally emailed every member on the City Council, and never received a response. For what it's worth, the contact info of said politicians is included at the bottom of this post.

These are the photos that have drawn this intense backlash in the community:

Monument in Baldwin Park, CA

Mexican once...and will be again.

Really? It was better before "we" came? Then what's the problem with Mexico?

Here is the public statement from Save our State.org that prompted their vigil at the monument on

The Battle for Los Angeles
Seditious monument language on public property

(Baldwin Park, CA) - SaveOurState.org demands that the city of Baldwin Park immediately remove seditious anti-American language (pictures below) from the “Danzas Indigenas” monument located at the Baldwin Park Commuter Rail Station. Taxpayer funded and situated on public land, the monument promotes the radical and militant belief in the “econquista of Aztlan.” One passage on the monument laments the presence of whites in America by stating, “It was better before they came.” The most offensive passage is a quote from Gloria Anzaldua, which reads:

“This land was Mexican once,
was Indian always
and is,
And will be again.”

Californians are tired of radical revisionist history and militant separatist rhetoric calling for the return of the Southwestern United States to Mexico as proclaimed by radical organizations like Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA). SaveOurState.org proudly stands in opposition to this propaganda.

Californians are tired of watching their communities turn into Third World cesspools as a result of a massive invasion of illegal aliens. Joseph Turner, Executive Director of SaveOurState.org responds:

“This divisive monument is funded by our tax dollars and we will not tolerate its anti-American message. This is not art. This is not freedom of expression. This is government-sanctioned sedition. This is our land. This is our fight.”

We call upon the city of Baldwin Park to voluntarily remove these offensive passages by Friday, July 1st, in advance of the American Independence weekend. This will clearly demonstrate their commitment to America and their disapproval of treasonous sentiments. If this situation is not remedied, SaveOurState.org will take additional steps to ensure that the passages are removed.

Protest Report from the Social and Public Art Resource Center
Baldwin Park, CA
May 16th, 2005

Despite having various radio talk show pipelines for the past week to continuously publicize their opposition to “Danzas Indigenas,” a 13 year old, city sanctioned and approved Metro station monument created by Judith F. Baca for the City of Baldwin Park, CA. Save Our State (SOS) anti-illegal immigration group garnered only a handful supporters (approximately 12- 20 people) in their protest against the Monument in Baldwin Park, CA. on Saturday My 14th, 2005.

“Save our State”, with ties to the vigilante Minutemen Border Patrol, erroneously believed that quotes on the “Danzas Indigenas” monument were racially charged, seditious and anti-American in nature. The residents of Baldwin Park believed otherwise, along with numerous high schools, universities and peace organizations, and quickly mobilized into a group of nearly 1,000 people in a counter protest on Saturday. The Save Our State demonstrators wearing inflammatory minuteman and border patrol garb were highly outnumbered by monument supporters.

The large crowd of local men, women and children of all ages faced the small yet vocal crowd of protestors from as far away as Ventura county, Upland and Orange County, who declared the MTA and city-commissioned artwork, Artist, and counter protestors all to be un-American. Counter to the claims of Save Our State who has called the work “reconquista” (reconquest advocates) no supporters of the monument advocated for the return of California to Mexico but instead proclaimed the protesters “neoKlan racists who were launching an attack on their community as a whole. As tax paying citizens the supporters of the monument declared their right to artistic representation within public space. The supporters carried signs such as “art confuses racists” and “racists go home”.

Saturday’s demonstration was estimated to have cost the small city Baldwin Park $250,000 dollars in police overtime and helicopters to insure the protection of the Save Our State group’s right to protest. The City of Baldwin Park protected the freedom of expression of the SOS at a great cost to their community’s limited budget. Local councilman Mr. Bill Van Cleave greeted Save Our State’s self-proclaimed “grass roots activists” by stating that “there is no race problem in Baldwin Park,” but that the Ventura-County based organization “was bringing one”. As the only white person on the City Council he said “they threatened my life and told me they were going to bury me in brown soil”. All members of the council have received death threats and are investigating prosecution of the hate calls and mail. Threats against the monument have been made claiming that after the SOS July 1st deadline, given the city officials and artist to remove the offending statements, the group would take further steps.

One of the most alarming aspects of this unexpected turn of events for us at the Public Art center is that as artists who work in the field of public art there is a new level of risk associated with creating public artwork being evidenced here. An artist can be commissioned by MTA and a local city to create a public monument. Through a thoroughly democratic process, such as the one commissioned by the MTA and Baldwin Park the work can be designed and approved by all public entities. Twelve years later the same artist can be personally attacked and threatened, when a fringe group decides to view part of the artwork out of context and make unfounded accusations. All public art is in jeopardy and all artists who have participated in the creation of MTA stations or other public works can be subjected to and essentially be required to defend themselves for the privilege of working in the public interest. Public art has suffered a tremendous set back in the last few days as has our hopes for the creation of civil public spaces .

Four members of the City Council of Baldwin Park and the Mayor as well as the Artist Judy Baca issued statements at the protest saying that the monument would not be altered and they intended the monument to stand for years to come.

An older minuteman t-shirted woman was hit in the head by a plastic water bottle and taken to the hospital. She was released after observation overnight. No other injuries or arrests were reported.

By Judith F. Baca
May 12, 2005
An “anti-illegal immigrant” group, Save Our State, of Ventura County, emboldened by their recent victory at the removal of a billboard referring to “Los Angeles, Mexico” is now demanding the removal of the wording on a twelve-year old monument in Baldwin Park, California, entitled Danzas Indigenas. I was commissioned to produce this work in 1993 by MTA and the City of Baldwin Park in collaboration with the Kate Diamond Architectural Group.

The monument consists of a 20 ft arch, 100 ft plaza and 400 ft train platform. Produced with extensive public input, the monument includes five languages: English, Spanish, Gabrielino, Chumash, Luiseño and is a layering of indigenous, Spanish and mestizo history, which is associated with the site.

Included also are the contemporary voices and diversity that is indicative of contemporary Baldwin Park. Asked to produce a work that was “mission in theme” that reflected the majority population of Latinos in the City of Baldwin Park, and in keeping with my practice as an artist for inclusion of community members in my design process, I designed this work to include the “past” and “present” of the region and the voices of local residents. Of particular interest to me was the sites proximity to the mission of San Gabriel. The arch in the Plaza is conceived of as a fragment of a mission arch. Its intention was to become a site of public memory for the people of Baldwin Park; to make visible their invisible history.

Local residents sentiments were included in the “present” side of the monument, with verbatim quotes sandblasted into the surface of the arch. Local residents of all ages and ethnic groups were recommended by the arts committee and the city council and interviewed. They were asked about their hopes for the future of Baldwin Park.

Additional statements from community members on the arch – which are not included in the discussion of the monument by the Save Our State group – include “Use your brain before you make up your mind”, “not just adults leading but youth leading too", “a small town feeling”, "when the Indians died the villages ended” and “the kind of community that people dream of rich and poor, white, brown, yellow all living together”. These statements all represent the community’s desires, and are featured prominently in the work of art.

The work is not a work of a lone artist working without relationship to the community, but rather a representation of community sensibilities and sentiment of the time. While this group has cast the artwork as part of a “Reconquista movement”, it is in fact neither advocating for the return of California to Mexico, nor wishing that Anglos had never come to this land. This statement “it was better before they came”, was deliberately ambiguous. About which “they” is the anonymous voice speaking? The statement was made by an Anglo local resident who was speaking about Mexicans. The ambiguity of the statement was the point, and is designed to say more about the reader than the speaker – and so it has.

The quote “this land was Mexican once, was Indian always, and is, and will be again” is by a critically acclaimed Chicana author, Gloria Anzaldua. On the Save Our State website, she is referred to as a “dead Chicana lesbian.” I chose this quote because the mission is one mile from the Mission San Gabriel, and descendants of the Gabrielinos still live in the region, making Anzaldua’s text particularly relevant to the increasing indigenous population. A correct reading of the quote makes it clear that this is not about Mexican “reconquista”, but about the land returning to its origins.

This is not a question only of my rights as an artist to not have my copyright violated, but also a question of “revisionist history” carved out twelve years after an extensive democratic public process produced this work. It is the collective vision of the people of Baldwin Park that is under attack by this Ventura group. What is most deserving of respect are the voices that are represented in the monument. Also deserving of respect, are the voices of the ancient indigenous who say in the first person “memory and will power” is how we retain the knowledge of our culture.

Our capacity as a democracy to disagree and to coexist is precisely the point of this work. No single statement can be seen without the whole, nor can it be removed without destroying the diversity of Baldwin Park’s voices. Silencing every voice with which we disagree, especially while taking quotes out of context, either through ignorance or malice, is profoundly un-American.

Eyewitness/Camaraman report:

"This is what happened. Despite what they want you to think with their supposed analysis of our behavior, our events are always peaceful. Theirs never are. A bottle is thrown during the second set of clips, that hits an older lady on the head, who then must go to the hospital.

The video clips are in order and a timeline is very apparent. "

Links to 3-9MB video clips:

Click here to watch SOS_BP1

Click here to watch SOS_BP2: Water bottle is thrown in this clip.

Click here to watch SOS_BP3: Police tell peaceful SOS demonstrators that they cannot ensure their safety when they leave.

Click here to watch SOS_BP4.1: Watch carefully the demonstrator in the black T-shirt in the middle of the clip - he's carrying the [only] American flag for the illegal alien supporters (which is telling in and of itself). He drops it on the ground, scuffles over it, then kicks it.

Listen to the cheers when this happens. And then think about this: As a true American, would you EVER desecrate our flag, knowing all that it stands for?! Never in a million years would I do what that Mexican man did (and he IS Mexican, if you can believe his T-shirt) - not even if Hillary were President with Kerry her VP, and the entire country went down the drain. The flag is precious and represents the blood of all the heroes that ever bled for the birth, unity, and peace of our country. I hope this demonstration helps exhibit how these people are NOT Americans, don't WANT to be Americans, and HATE America. The actions and words of the protestors at this event speak volumes.
More video clips (short):

Disrespect of the police
"We didn't cross the border, the borders crossed us"
Elderly lady hit on the head with a full bottle thrown from the other side of the street
Racists get out of "our country" (Aztlan)
SOS hugely outnumbered
Baldwin Park Rally Footage (3.8 mb RealMedia)
Here is some footage of Old Glory being desecrated by the "Mechistas" at Baldwin Park:

Kicking the Flag (Strong Language)

Eyewitness: "Even all these great photos cannot convey the strue scope and numbers of our enemies. They surrounded us on all sides at one point and were as angry and hateful as I have ever seen any mob.

I swear, I felt like I was in Mogadishu. It truly was if we were in a hostile foreign country. I was absolutely convinced there was going to be violence and am actually surprised it didn't happen. The cops did a good job."


"In the bizarre world that we live in, merely opposing illegal immigration and all the peripheral issues that go along with it is justification for being labeled a racist, bigot or a vigilante.

In countless interviews, I am asked my thoughts when our opponents accuse us of being a racist organization. I constantly wonder why reporters simply regurgitate unsubstantiated claims and in the process perform the devil's bidding.

Yet, as evidenced by today's happenings, it is so crystal clear that our opponents are projecting their bigotry and hatred onto us. Today, we saw some of the most vile hatred and bigotry expressed towards us by the Mechistas.

Everything that we argued the monument stood for was reinforced by the hundreds of activists who opposed our presence in Baldwin Park. Numerous times we were told that this land is Mexico and that they were taking it back. Numerous times racists epithets were hurled away. One person even hurled a full water bottle at our side and sent one of our activists to the hospital with bleeding in the brain. Unfortunately, she is now in the intensive care unit and we are all praying and hoping for the best.

What started as a rather peaceful and uneventful protest on our side ended in sheer hostility. The counter demonstrators were supposed to rally at the other end of the metrolink station, but proceeded to outflank the Baldwin Park Police Department and traveled through a local neighborhood so that they could formally confront us at the intersection allocated to us for our protest.

In waves they came. Soon outnumbered 500-50 in a community that is 85% Hispanic, crowd control soon became an issue. Rants, chants and Mexican flags filled the air. Their spit and a dragged and kicked American flag covered the ground. It is imperative to note that that was the only American flag displayed by our opponents.

At the conclusion of the rally, a twenty year veteran of the force shared that today's rally was the most intense and largest he has seen in his career. And intense it was for at one point, I was informed by BPPD that they could no longer ensure our safety. Mind you, there were upwards of 70+ officers on duty in riot gear. Emergency reserves were summoned from various local agencies. A police helicopter circled above for the entire duration. Officers with sniper rifles rest on a roof above.

In fact, we were told that a credible source of intelligence suggested that violent attack on our group was in the making and that two hundred more demonstrators may be in route (which would have presumably overwhelmed the already taxed resources). Surrounded by hostile forces on all sides, we were evacuated by the police department to the police station one block away until the crowd dispersed.

We did not hurl racist epithets or make bigoted hate-filled comments. We did not hurl objects at our opponents or resort to violence. Yet, we are racist vigilantes!

It is of utmost importance to emphasize one singular point. Everything that we stated that monument stood for, emodied and represented was reinforced and confirmed by the actions of those opposing us today. To suggest that the monument doesn't reinforce the reconquista of Aztlan and hatred toward whites is simply delusional."

Injury of older lady in the SOS demonstration:

of the bottle.

Lady that was injured when hit on the head with a full bottle

Updates as to her condition:

Posted: May 14 2005, 08:09 PM:

Hello All:

I have just received word from another SOS activist at the hospital with our injured protestor. Unfortunately, the cat scan came back with some bad news.

There is some bleeding of the brain and she has been taken to the Intensive Care Unit.

This is all the information I have at the moment and will keep you updated. Please put her in your prayers if you are the praying sort.

Posted: May 15 2005, 10:06 AM: SOS

She is still in ICU and they are going to give her a comparative cat scan today. Basically, to determine whether or not the condition as worsened or gotten better over night.

Hopefully will have more information later on today.

Posted: May 15 2005, 01:47 PM


Dottie has been released from the hospital and the doctors expect a full recovery.

The comparative CAT scan came back with good results - no bleeding. She'll have some residual effects for a while such as headaches, etc. but they expect she'll be just fine.

Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. I know that they have helped.


Former resident of Baldwin Park: "aml"

I'm sorry to hear about the person that got injured, hope everything
turns out ok.

I saw the protest on the news, they made it sound as though only a small insigificant group had any objection to the monument. The sloppy looking women that was speaking for the artist was trying to convince the media that the writing on the monument is a historical writing, yeah right!

I grew up in Baldwin Park when it was a quaint little town. It was a nice place to live. I was totally appauled when I revisited the city a month ago. The city seems like a place in a third world country no one spoke english. The once beautiful Catholic Church called Saint Johns now has pink walls and pews and the art work and
statues were replace by these filthy tapestries, unbelievable. I visited a store I used to work at as a teenager, it was trashed and again nobody spoke english. Also, Morgan park used to have a monument dedicated to world war II vets, that monument was gone, wonder what happened to it. All the once nice neighborhoods with great little craftsman houses were gone. In place of those nice houses were dirty unkept yards with a slew of cars all over the place, or apartment complexes with clothes hanging on the roof and all over the place.

This is happening to cities all over California, I hope that people will wake up and start calling and writing our so called elected officials. To make matters worse, the DOD base closure situation is going to make even more cities Vulnerable. This brings to mind the H-1B visa problem, those soon to be out of work DOD workers will
need the jobs intended for those foreign workers. The Corona base workers are engineers and IT personnel who many of which will not be able to move.

Anyway, I really hope that people start getting together to stop any legislation that enables the promotion of more immigration, we really don't need anymore, it is destroying the vary culture that made this country so great!!!!!

PHOTOS of the Baldwin Park Protest:

I guess the statement here is that THEY belong, and we don't. Classic Reconquista.

Aztlan T-shirts - "stolen lands"?!!

"Fuck the Alamo"? Hey - that reminds me, let's rewrite history about the Alamo - oh wait, that's already being done...

*sigh* Yes, we got it the first time. Eloquent and original...NOT.

Ohhh - banditos! Macho or just plain silly?

Mas banditos!

"White trash?" - they can't seem to get past the name-calling and slurs. Intelligent.

The reference to Nazism is again an over-used, pathetically misused slur.

Welcome immigrants. Sure - AS LONG AS THEY'RE LEGAL, PLEASE!!!

They are over-using and mis-using this slur - it has no meaning anymore!

Crowds really outnumberd the SOS demonstrators.

Lots of Mexican flags - not one American flag. Telling, isn't it?

Plenty of American flags here!

No hate speech - sounds reasonable. So why are these SOS demonstrators cast as the villains?!

Legal Latino makes a statement: This is America's land!

Another legal Latino with a profound statement.

Another legal Latino who understands the dangers behind the Reconquista movement.

Another legal Latino with a heart for America - NOT Mexico.


Contact Baldwin Park City Officials:

Mayor: Manuel Lozano

Council Member: Bill Van Cleave

Council Member: Marlen Garcia

Mayor Pro Tem: Ricardo Pacheco

Council Member: David Olivas


Governor of Texas to allow Minuteman vigil at border

Well, I'll be...

I wasn't expecting this at all. Though Governor Perry managed to couch his "allowance" of the Minutemen along the Texas border in terms that fall far short of approval or acceptance, I still have to hand it to the guy - he's doing the right thing.

"I fully understand and can appreciate the frustration that many Texans and others across the nation have with illegal immigration, its potential impact on our national security and the unacceptable burden it is placing on taxpayers, and state and local criminal-justice, education and health care systems," Mr. Perry said in a statement.
"The federal government can and must do more to close the border to illegal immigration," the two-term Republican said. "Until that happens, these kinds of citizen-initiated efforts likely will be the result. If you want to send the Minutemen home, I urge you to make sure we have enough federal agents on the border to secure it."
Mr. Perry, who said 1.4 million illegal aliens live in Texas, warned that the "continued flow of a significant number of undocumented immigrants into the United States is not acceptable, especially in the post-September 11 era."

Admittedly, the Governor is saying things that NEED to be said. And his words are clear, to the point, and dead right.

On a tangent... Who can call Governor Perry a racist, a bigot, or a "vigilante" for what he said? No one, I wager. So how come the Minutemen and people like me are called those names and worse becasue we demand the SAME EXACT THING Governor Perry does: better border security and law enforcement?!!!!

The name-calling doesn't bother me so much anymore, because I know that it's a cheap shot, an ad hominem argument for those with less sense than vitriol. The typical brainless tactic of "ttack the writer/speaker when you can't attack the message". So the names don't register anymore. The liberals and the OBLs have so over-used their slurs that the meaning is lost in their shrill rhetoric.

Anyways...here's the link to the original article:

Governor of Texas to allow Minuteman vigil at border - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - June 02, 2005

Hat tip: ALIPAC


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

SO much fun: Making a pitiful, wanna-be man cry...

Remember my nomination for the Drooling Moron of the Year? Well, largely due to a scathing reprimand from spitfire Kit, Michael Crook betook himself to the corner to sulk and lick his wounds, away from our scornful eyes.

While writing the expose of Crook, his sites, the public response, and ultimately the pitiful reasons for it all, I simply couldn't stand to linger in the cess pit of his rantings. But Kit braved the filth long enough to inform him of our public expose on the pathetic, sniveling motivation for his hate campaign.

There hasn't been any other article on the web that followed the story from the very beginning when Crook first oozed onto the national scene, through the public response (both support and outrage), his murder hoax, the Hannity and Colmes TV appearance, his background and motivation, and his future plans. There was plenty of blogging going on about Crook, but not onesingle article out there that tied it all together - except mine. [Frankly, I did a pretty damn fine job.]

Looks like it freaked him out. Now the silly little man is cowering in his corner, slapping anyone who wanders by, and wearing out his favorite swear word. No doubt his spanking from Kit hurt like hell, and he got a good long look at himself in the mirror of public scorn.

I can almost see the rivulets of greasy mascara pouring down his sunken face. Oh, the sheer delight of making a dick-less, anti-military weenie cry!! Mwah -hahahahaha!


Monday, May 30, 2005

Anatomy of a Troll: The True Story of Jane Howard

Anatomy of a Troll: The True Story of "Jane Howard"
by Kit Jarrell and HE!D! (acid-dipped and cold filtered for your enjoyment)

[The following story is cross-posted from Euphoric Reality.]

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “troll” is someone who “posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument.”

Allow me to introduce you to a real life troll. Her alias is Jane Howard. You might know Jane from her many posts throughout the blogosphere, all of which had the same tone: Lt. Ilario Pantano is a horrible officer. Those of us who followed the Pantano case with bated breath and fearful, prayer-filled hearts know Jane well, for we couldn’t go anywhere in the blogosphere without seeing her snide, hateful comments. We were all certain that Jane had a hidden agenda; for no other “regular citizen” was nearly as pointed or personal in their verbal attacks on Ilario’s character. Jane was tireless; posting with three aliases at all hours of the day and night, on any blog that talked about Pantano and allowed comments. Sadly, Jane was as unoriginal as she was venomous, and was forced to resort to cutting and pasting the same tired, embittered story that she got from her “son”, who she claimed was a classmate of Pantano’s in Officer School.

Here at eR, we take great pride in our ability to ferret out the idiots who like to think that because they hide behind an alias, their immature ramblings will not be tied to their real life persona. As with Coburn, whose oral diarrhea is preserved for posterity on this blog and in court testimony, our curiosity was piqued at the idea that yet another cretin whose bitterness far outweighed their intelligence was running amok.

Being the enterprising minds that we are, we finally decided that with such an abundance of clues as to the posters’ identity, we would be doing the public a disservice by not ferreting out these weasels and parading their insanity and stupidity for the entire world to see. After all, they seemed to be out for attention, and who are we to deny them that?

And now, in keeping with our tradition of exposing losers who think they’re anonymous, I present to you the true story of Jane.

While most of us initially paid no attention to what we figured were the ravings of a potentially undersexed, incontinent older woman with no social life, we soon found that Jane was far more motivated than your average insomniac troll. Theories abounded: Who was Jane? Coburn’s wife? Sister? Aunt? And who was dvldog36? Was this really her son? I talked to quite a few journalists working the case, and we theorized much about who Jane could be. We got satellite photos of her location through IP traces and turned them over to authorities, since she expressed a desire to see Pantano killed. Basically, we did the research so you don’t have to. And now, we can finally let you all in on the secret.

Jane was telling the truth. Her son is a Marine officer stationed at Pensacola, currently undergoing pilot training. After Jane spent most of her waking hours bragging about her son, even going so far as to email me a photograph of him as “proof” that he existed, [Note: The photo showed a Marine officer in dress blues, standing over a coffin while wearing sunglasses. Yes, I said “dress blues” and “sunglasses” in the same sentence.] Jane accused us of “outing” her son, insisting that people were coming up to him on post and “targeting him”. [I haven’t quite figured out what they actually did to him that was considered “targeting”, but this will be way more amusing to you once you’ve read the whole article.] As much as it pained us, we were not able to claim responsibility for that, for one simple reason: Her son was slated to testify for the prosecution. Regardless of what we knew at that point, we were bound by the rules of integrity not to release his name during the hearing. Now that the court proceedings have ended, and her son was dropped from the witness list (we’ll get to why in a moment), we feel that the time has come to go ahead and make Jane happy by doing what it is we were accused of months ago. You asked for it, Jane.

Her son is 2Lt.Graham Hopkins. He was, in fact, a classmate of Pantano at OCS at Quantico, Virginia. During their 6-month course, the officers-in-training were constantly evaluated by superiors and each other. Through painstaking research and a burning desire to know, we were able to obtain knowledge of some of the peer evaluations. It becomes apparent very quickly that Lt. Hopkins had what can only be called Coburnitis; which is a debilitating disease characterized by cowardice, self-servitude, and an overwhelming sense of envy at the success and admiration enjoyed by those who are both better troops and better men than fools like Coburn and Hopkins will ever be. I bring you some tidbits for your amusement:

Lt. Pantano is very experienced and has great knowledge of tactics. He has a tendency to be very pompous as well as micromanage situations. He also tends to “throw people under the bus” when his plan does not work out.

Lt. Hopkins, in an anonymous peer evaluation of Lt. Pantano

Now, let’s take a look at Jane’s blathering:

[My son] served with Pantano in Officer Candidate School…[he said] Pantano was pompous and had rated him in his bottom three of most qualified officers in his class at TBS…

And here’s a comment from dvldog36, who we now know is Lt. Graham Hopkins:

Lt. Pantano is everything that his friends say in the dorm; he is a great guy, looking out for and willing to help everyone. But in the field he is egocentric, pompous and a micro-manager. He was told that if he kept that it up that his Marines would see right through him and maybe one day they might frag him..

By now you’ve noticed the running theme. We believe that Coburn did attempt a “legal fragging” of Lt Pantano, and Lt Hopkins was eager to get in on the action. Unfortunately for Hopkins, his own poor service record eliminated him as a credible witness for the prosecution.

Lt. Hopkins goes on to belatedly engage in some classic CYA behavior later:

I have no opinion on the guilt or innocence of Lt. Pantano, but I can see, and I am not surprised, that someone from his own platoon would turn him in. I would caution you before you characterize the Marine as disgruntled and is motivated by revenge. He may or may not be. He could just be unwilling to back up Lt. Pantano’s story after he lost confidence in him. This is just some background information on Lt. Pantano from someone who has been through intensive training with him.

Now here’s where things get fun.

Lt. Hopkins refused to sign his peer evaluation of Pantano; however, he is the only officer in that class to rank Pantano so poorly. Why? Pantano’s peer recommendation of Hopkins sheds light on the reason:

Lethargic. Uncommitted. Sloppy. Seemingly allergic to training-IGP.

LT Pantano's signed peer evaluation of Lt Hopkins

As you can see, Pantano had no problem putting his name down on the eval. In fact, sources who were there at the time tell me that Pantano considered Hopkins a “disgrace to [the] uniform”, and told him so – often and in public. It was no secret that Hopkins hated Pantano.

Perhaps the most telling evidence of Hopkins’ lack of credibility comes from the final scores of the class of officers that graduated that training cycle. Out of a class of 192 officers, Lt. Graham Hopkins graduated with a rank of 175. His leadership score, considered the most important of the class, was lower still. Lt. Hopkins graduated at the absolute bottom of his class – last place at #192. Even in training, he failed to secure the respect and trust of his fellow officers. The only thing that saved Lt Hopkins from failing out of the course was his academic ability – his “booksmarts”, and I’ll leave you to decide how important that is when you don’t have the respect of your men or the physical skills necessary to carry out your duties. The court received a dozen letters from former classmates attesting to Hopkins’ hatred for Pantano and his complete uselessness as an officer, calling him an “embarrassment”. This combined with Hopkins’ personnel jacket making it into the hands of the prosecution eventually caused them to remove Hopkins from the witness list. Apparently they felt one substandard Marine with a grudge was enough.

Once you know the whole story of Hopkins and his performance at TBS, it becomes eerily self-descriptive to re-read his comment:

I would caution you before you characterize the Marine as disgruntled and…motivated by revenge.

So where does Jane fit into all this? It’s obvious that the bitter, “blame others” tactic that Coburn perfected seems to have permeated her parenting skills, since it’s obvious her son subscribes to the same lack of integrity. Her son’s exclusion from the witness stand didn’t stop her crusade, however, and she even contacted reporters during the hearing to gain some more attention for Hopkins and his oft-repeated story of Pantano’s perceived incompetence.

What’s satisfying for us is to know that our initial impression of Jane (aka Mom of 2 Marines) and dvldog36 was so gratifyingly accurate. On the other hand, when it really comes down to it, it’s nothing more than the sordid tale of yet another whiny, disgusting, cowardly excuse for a Marine that somehow gets to wear a uniform that he will never be worthy of. The saddest part of all this is that an exemplary officer was taken away from the front, where we so desperately need him, and put through a hell above and beyond his time in Iraq – and for what?

[Editor’s Note: Pantano ranked fifth in his class, by the way.]

UPDATE: For those of you looking for the interview with Pantano, it is coming - just delayed while he spends some much-needed time with his family.